Proffesional platform for trading cryptocurrency
Kyrrex ProTrader offers individuals the ability to trade a variety of digital assets on a secure, insurance backed platform.
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Why Kyrrex is the best place to trade Digital currency?
Security and 2FA
Multiple security layers, enterprise-grade offline multisignature vaults, database encryption
Low trading fees
Start from 0.05
Deep pool of liquidity
Enjoy our institutional level of spot liquidity
High order processing speed
Above 1.5М transactions per second
- Graphic analysis with geometric construction tools
- Technical analysis with the most popular indicators
- Getting basic reporting on trading operations
60 indicators of technical analysis and tools of graphic constructions.
Allowing you to quickly work with application, using the "mouse" and using Hot Keys
This software environment allows clients to create or download various tools for optimizing their trading strategies
Manager provides with automatic rules for account-, risk- and position management in manual trading
Boosts flexibility, speed and automation level in manual trading. It allows managing position scenarios, partial closure and various Trailing Stops
Services to analyze the account status and trading results. You may join the Kyrrex Rating general exchange program, to attract outside investors and earn more
•   Personal accounts with manage online operations
•   Language settings and various colors
•   Online trading using the WEB-BASIC entry-level web terminal
•   Participation in the referral affiliate program “Kyrrex Partnership”
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20$ per month
FREE for 3 month
•   Included Basic
•   Unique desktop trading platform 
•   Flexible workspaces and choice of tools for working timeframes
•   All major and professional graphing models
•   Kyrrex ProTrader
•   Module Scalper
•   Group tools and create your own sets
50$ per month
FREE for 3 month
•   Included  Advanced
•   Optional plug-in Algo Studio
•   Optional plug-in Kyrrex Risk
•   Optional plug-in Kyrrex Smart Order
•   Additional application for all clients - Trade X-Ray
Kyrrex will change cryptocurrency world
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