Application Programming Interface (API)

The visible part of a computer system that allows users to interact with the computer, manipulate data, and share information on a network with other systems.

An application programming interface (API) consists of computerized commands in the form of programmed codes which enable all kinds of data sharing between user and computer, user and network, computer and computer, and computer and network. This component is often in the form of a software application that may pop up on user request and thus serve as a bridge to get needed information across to the user.

APIs are primarily defined in the world of cryptos with regard to how effective and efficient they are in the exchange of information. This may be information regarding market prices and trends, the actual process of buying and selling, or any other thing that requires traders and investors to interact with exchange platforms or the trading market. Thus, crypto exchange platforms are often considered top or bottom-ranked on the basis of their APIs.

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