A token standard that is native to and serves as a foundational part of the BNB Chain.

BEP-2 is the main token standard on Binance's original blockchain network BNB Beacon Chain (formerly Binance Chain). It is a technical standard and is therefore the embodiment of the particular algorithm that makes up the foundation of the blockchain protocol. Thus, it is because of the BEP-2 token that the blockchain administrators can distribute tokens to users and these users can directly employ them for a variety of needs.

BEP-2 serves as a bridge upon which different tokens on BNB Beacon Chain can interact and run effectively. Moreover, it is very different from other similarly-named tokens such as BEP-20 in that BEP-2 token addresses always begin with ‘bnb’ instead of ‘x0’ and the consensus mechanism it supports is Proof of Work instead of Proof of Stake Authority.

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