Bull Market

Favorable market conditions characterized by rising unit prices of popular cryptocurrencies or stocks.

A bull market is the opposite of a bear market and refers to conditions of trading markets whereby the unit price of popular assets and securities are expected to rise to all-time highs or above. Bull markets are particularly distinguished from ordinary intervals of perceived rising asset and security prices because price increases are noticeable and are sustained over a period of time. When represented on graphs, a bull market is shown with a trend that continues to rise without fluctuating for a noticeably long period of time.

Like bear markets, bull markets also have measurable indicators with regard to extent or intensity. In other words, a trending price increase of 50% can inspire a lot more trading compared to a period with a 15% increase in the price of an asset. Moreover, the bull market is a good time to sell assets like crypto and is often the telltale sign that a token has gotten a boost in perceived value.

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