An individual or organization whose share of a cryptocurrency is enough to cause a significant impact to the value of the asset.

The typical whale holds a sizable amount of a particular token compared to its total supply. This could be an individual or an organization with so much cryptocurrency holdings that they're able to affect prices.

Whales working in conjunction have the ability to cause the entire market to move up or down. They can manipulate the market in any direction through massive buying or selling activity. Because of the outsized influence of whales, many people prefer to buy cryptocurrencies with a more even distribution of holders.


The vertical lines that stretch below and above the bars of a candlestick chart.

Also known as wicks, whiskers represent the high and low prices of an asset within the period in consideration. A long wick represents higher price volatility while a shorter one indicates more stable trading during the period.

Whiskers give critical additional information that the body of the chart doesn't provide and help traders determine the direction of the market.

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