12 The Most Important Achievements of Kyrrex in 2022!

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12 The Most Important Achievements of Kyrrex in 2022!

At Kyrrex, 2022 has undoubtedly been another eventful, successful, collaborative, innovative, and challenging year! 💪

We appreciate all of your contributions to our successful story this year, and we sincerely hope you take some time to unwind and celebrate the holidays.

As 2022 draws to a close, let us illustrate the significant strides we made with 12 landmark happenings this year at Kyrrex.


🏆 A new program for referrals. We implemented an ongoing referral scheme to thank and reward our loyal users for promoting the platform to their friends and followers.

🏆 An exciting tournament platform. Trading doesn't have to be monotonous and dull; it can be fun and interactive too. Thanks to our new tournament platform, users can take part in unique, engaging contests and put their trading prowess to the test.

🏆 New coins for trading. We expanded the number of available and tradable coins on the Kyrrex exchange by adding several popular tokens to the bouquet. Users now have even more trading and deposit and trading options and can now invest with more flexibility and ease.

🏆 Six languages available. The user account interface is now available in six different languages. More users can feel a sense of familiarity and comfort when interacting with the platform.

🏆 Fresh app updates. We made some important adjustments to the Kyrrex app to improve its usability. It is now more accessible than ever.

🏆 Several event milestones. The Kyrrex team attended significant industry events, greatly expanding its network of contacts and advancing the platform's journey to an industry mainstay.

🏆 Thousands of tokens given to users. We awarded users who took part in our contests more than 10,000+ KRRX tokens. There are many more tournaments to come.


🙏 Over $300k given to the Ukrainian army. In 2022, Kyrrex Charitable Foundation contributed over $300,000 to the Ukrainian army. Working and bringing the victory closer together!

🙏 Commendations from key figures. It was an enormous and humbling privilege to be commended on nine occasions by prominent Ukrainian national and local government officials. Key figures like Kyrylo Budanov, Vitaliy Kim, and others have congratulated Kyrrex for its steadfast support for Ukraine.


🥇 Pramac Racing sponsorship. We were honored as the Pramac Racing official sponsor in 2022, unlocking brand exposure to millions of MotoGP fans worldwide.

🥇 Fabulous ambassadors. Several incredibly talented ambassadors from the sports world joined Kyrrex this year. They are Jorge Martin, Jack Duane, Martin Di Nenno, Pedro Acosta, and Johann Zarco.

🥇 MotoGP and F1 race. Over the course of the MotoGP and F1 race weekends, Kyrrex hosted an official visit. Jorge Martin, a Kyrrex ambassador, finished third in the Moto Grand Prix race.

What comes next?

We are getting ready to unveil our crypto-sports collaborations and projects. We look forward to seeing you all in 2023 as Kyrrex enters what we are confident will be another exciting chapter.

Happy New Year! 🥳

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Kyrrex & Huobi Partner for PrimePool Event: Win Over 1 Million KRRX Tokens!

PrimePool, in partnership with Huobi!

We are excited to announce the return of PrimePool, in partnership with Huobi! For now, users can lock their HT tokens for any length of time before the event ends to earn a reward of up to 1,208,898 KRRX tokens.

The event will run from 12:00 UTC on January 18, 2022, to 12:00 UTC on January 25, 2022, so make sure to participate before the event ends.

Event: Win Over 1 Million KRRX Tokens!

Specifically, you can lock any number of HT tokens from 100 units and receive an additional reward in KRRX tokens for doing so (the reward is calculated according to a formula that you can find on the event page at the link below).

This is a great opportunity for users to experience the upgraded PrimePool and win grand rewards. With simple rules, this event is open to all!

To join the event, all you need to do is visit the link provided and follow a few steps.

Your Kyrrex Team 💚

Huobi Welcomes KRRX Token to its Ranks with a Bang!

We are happy to announce that Huobi, one of the biggest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has listed the KRRX token!

When can I start making KRRX deposits and trade?

Huobi has already enabled deposits for KRRX holders. You can start making KRRX deposits right now!

KRRX spot trading (KRRX/USDT) will open when the deposit volume meets the requirements for market trading on Huobi. Once the trading volume threshold has been met the commencement date of KRRX/USDT spot trading will be officially announced.

KRRX withdrawals will open at 12:30 (UTC) on January 18

Let’s develop the KRRX ecosystem together!

The KRRX token provides a seamless way to interact with services and features on the Kyrrex network. All KRRX holders are entitled to discounted fees, staking benefits, and other special advantages.

KRRX is connected to many inner projects as well as linked to numerous initiatives, including significant partnerships in the sports industry. Currently, Kyrrex intends to expand agreements with MotoGP rider Jorge Martin, Moto2 young talent Pedro Acosta, and paddle athlete Martin Di Nenno.

Moreover, will launch Kyrrex Sport soon. A marketplace for potential athletes' image rights that are represented by fungible tokens (not NFTs) as well as an NFT marketplace for their personal collections.

This listing is a major milestone for Kyrrex as the company aims to make the KRRX token more accessible to users around the world. We are confident that Huobi's high liquidity and solid reputation would be extremely beneficial to our users.

To further improve the Kyrrex ecosystem, we will continue to reinforce existing collaborations and explore new strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders.

Stay tuned!

Your Kyrrex 💚

Kyrrex & Huobi Launch Exciting Crypto Tournament with 50,000 KRRX Prize Pool!

The tournament offers a massive prize pool of 50,000 KRRX and guaranteed payouts for 500 winners, providing all participants with the opportunity to come out on top.

The tournament will run from January 17th to February 1st, giving participants ample time to demonstrate their trading strategies and compete for the top prizes.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to win big and register for the tournament today!

How to become a participant of KRRX-Huobi tournament:

1️⃣ Register on the Lot.Trade;

2️⃣ Create a new account on huobi.com;

3️⃣ Create an API key on the Huobi exchange and connect it to your Lot.Trade Personal Account;

4️⃣ Achieve a trading volume of at least 150 KRRX within 24 hours after registration;

5️⃣ Actively trade KRRX from the created profile on Huobi throughout the tournament, until its completion on 01.02.2023;

6️⃣ Wait for the results and get the desired prize

The first 1500 users who successfully complete the registration and trading conditions within 2 days after the tournament begins, will receive a bonus of $10. This is a limited offer, so don't miss out on this bonus opportunity.

So, are you ready to join the Kyrrex and Huobi crypto communities and compete for a prize pool of 50,000 KRRX and guaranteed payouts for 500 winners? Then fulfill the registration and trading conditions now and join our exciting crypto tournament.

Your Kyrrex 💚