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Top 10 Crypto & Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites for Athlete Tokens

Imagine a world where you not only cheer for your favourite athletes but also invest in their success, reaping financial rewards as they triumph on the field. Welcome to the world of athlete tokens, a groundbreaking innovation in sports betting that combines the thrill of traditional betting with the potential for significant profits. But what are the risks and challenges of this new approach, and how can you get started? Read on to discover the exciting realm of athlete token betting and stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving industry.

Short Summary

  • Athlete tokens offer unique benefits to sports bettors, including increased fan engagement and exclusive betting markets.
  • Investing in athlete tokens presents a high profit potential, Risks such as market volatility must be taken into consideration.
  • Strategies for successful athlete token betting include diversifying investments and sound money management.

Understanding Athlete Tokens: The Future of Sports Betting?

In recent years, the sports betting landscape has been transformed by the emergence of digital assets known as athlete tokens. These tokens have changed the way fans interact with their favorite athletes and teams, providing a new level of engagement and investment opportunities.

But what exactly are athlete tokens, and how do they work in the world of sports betting?

What Are Athlete Tokens?

Athlete tokens are digital assets that represent a share in an athlete’s future earnings and performance. By investing in these tokens, fans can directly support their favorite athletes, while also betting on their success in various sports events and competitions. As a result, athlete tokens have opened up new and exciting betting markets, allowing fans to wager on the future success of their favourite athletes and teams.

In essence, athlete tokens are a form of cryptocurrency that can be used on bitcoin betting sites for sports bets and casino games. By utilizing these tokens, fans gain the opportunity to interact with their preferred athletes, access exclusive betting markets, and potentially gain profits on top bitcoin betting sites.

How Do Athlete Tokens Work?

Athlete tokens function as digital assets linked to an athlete’s performance. Fans can:

  • Purchase, sell, and trade tokens based on an athlete’s success
  • Experience heightened engagement and loyalty
  • Access exclusive betting markets
  • Potentially earn returns through sports bets

By wagering with athlete tokens, fans can enhance their overall sports betting experience.

The value of an athlete token can fluctuate based on various factors, such as the athlete’s performance, market demand, and overall market conditions. This makes athlete token betting an exciting and potentially profitable venture for sports enthusiasts and bettors alike.

Popular Athlete Token Platforms

Several platforms have emerged to support the growing demand for athlete tokens, with Chiliz, Socios, and SportyCo being the most popular among them. These platforms allow users to acquire athlete tokens, which can then be used on a bitcoin sports betting site for various purposes, such as wagering on sports events or trading with other users.

By offering a diverse range of tokens for various sports and athletes, these platforms cater to a wide audience of sports enthusiasts and bettors, providing new opportunities for fan engagement and profit potential.

Advantages of Betting with Athlete Tokens

Betting with athlete tokens brings several advantages to the table, setting them apart from traditional sports betting methods. From heightened fan engagement to unique betting markets and profit potential, athlete tokens are revolutionizing the sports betting industry.

Fan Engagement and Loyalty

Athlete tokens have the power to create a more personal connection between fans and their favorite athletes or teams. By investing in athlete tokens, fans can directly support their preferred athletes, fostering loyalty and engagement.

Furthermore, betting with athlete tokens often comes with rewards and incentives, such as discounts, exclusive access to events, and other special offers, making it an attractive option for fans who want to be more involved in the sports they love.

Unique Betting Markets

One of the most appealing aspects of athlete token betting is the opportunity to access exclusive betting markets not available through traditional sports betting platforms. With athlete tokens, fans can wager on a range of sports, such as:

  • football
  • basketball
  • baseball
  • and more

Fans can also engage in online betting on individual athletes and teams.

By offering these unique betting markets, athlete tokens provide sports bettors with new avenues to diversify their wagers, increasing the potential for profit and enhancing the overall betting experience.

Profit Potential

Investing in athlete tokens offers the potential for lucrative returns, with the value of tokens rising in correlation with an athlete’s success. As fans invest in their favorite athletes and teams, the increased demand for tokens can lead to substantial profits for token holders.

However, it’s important to remember that athlete token betting also comes with inherent risks, such as market volatility and potential regulatory issues. As with any investment, it’s crucial for bettors to manage their risks and stay informed about market trends and developments.

Risks and Challenges of Athlete Token Betting

While athlete token betting offers several advantages, it also comes with its own set of risks and challenges. From regulatory concerns to market volatility and token liquidity, understanding these potential pitfalls is essential for anyone looking to invest in this emerging market.

Regulatory Issues

The legal landscape surrounding athlete tokens is still evolving, with countries and regulatory bodies working to establish guidelines and rules for their use in sports betting. This uncertainty may impact the availability and legality of athlete token betting in certain jurisdictions, posing a challenge to both operators and bettors alike.

Additionally, concerns about the integrity of sports outcomes, the suitability of vendors participating in authorized sports betting, and the potential for gambling scandals may further complicate the regulatory environment surrounding athlete token betting.

Market Volatility

As with any cryptocurrency or digital asset, market volatility can significantly impact the value of athlete tokens. Rapid and unpredictable fluctuations in prices can result in substantial losses for investors and bettors, while also making it difficult to forecast the future value of tokens.

To mitigate the risks associated with market volatility, bettors should closely monitor market trends, stay informed about developments in the sports and cryptocurrency industries, and manage their investments wisely, including their crypto betting activities.

Token Liquidity

Token liquidity refers to the ease with which a token can be traded on the market. Limited token liquidity can make it difficult to buy or sell athlete tokens quickly and efficiently, potentially impacting the overall betting experience.

To address the issue of token liquidity, bettors should consider diversifying their investments, researching the market, and being aware of the risks associated with athlete tokens.

How to Get Started with Athlete Token Betting

Now that you’re familiar with the advantages, risks, and challenges of athlete token betting, it’s time to learn how to get started. In this section, we’ll guide you through the process of acquiring athlete tokens, choosing a crypto sports betting site, and placing bets with athlete tokens.

Acquiring Athlete Tokens

To acquire athlete tokens, you can turn to popular platforms like Chiliz, Socios, and SportyCo, which offer a range of tokens for various sports and athletes. Alternatively, you can also acquire athlete tokens through crypto exchanges.

Once you’ve acquired your tokens, it’s important to securely store them. Here are some tips:

  • Use a hardware wallet, such as Ledger or Trezor, for maximum security.
  • If you prefer a software wallet, choose one with strong encryption and multi-factor authentication.
  • Research the reputation and security measures of the wallet or platform before storing your tokens.

By following these steps, you can ensure the safety of your tokens.

Choosing a Crypto Sports Betting Site

With your athlete tokens in hand, the next step is to choose a crypto sports betting site that supports athlete tokens. Look for a site with the following features, which are often found in reputable crypto sportsbooks:

  • Strong reputation
  • Wide variety of sports and betting markets
  • Competitive odds
  • Robust security measures

Additionally, be sure to verify that the site is licensed and regulated by a reputable gambling authority, and consider user reviews to gain insight into the site’s customer service and reliability.

Placing Bets with Athlete Tokens

When you’re ready to place bets with your athlete tokens, simply follow these steps:

  1. Browse the available sports and betting markets on your chosen site.
  2. Make your selections.
  3. Enter the desired quantity of athlete tokens for your chosen bet.
  4. Confirm the transaction.

Keep in mind that, as with any form of betting, it’s crucial to exercise caution and manage your investments responsibly. Stay informed about market trends, and be prepared to adjust your bets and investments as needed.

Top Crypto & Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites for Athlete Tokens

Now that you know how to get started with athlete token betting, let’s take a look at some of the best crypto betting sites and Bitcoin sports betting sites that support athlete tokens. These sites offer a variety of sports, betting markets, and promotions to ensure a seamless and enjoyable betting experience at a bitcoin betting site. One such crypto betting site is Jackbit.

  1. Jackbit: This popular Bitcoin sports betting site offers a comprehensive selection of sports and betting markets, including traditional sporting events, horse racing, virtuals, and esports. Jackbit also provides access to live dealers for dice, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and other popular table games.
  2. BetOnline: With a wide range of sports on offer, BetOnline is a great sports betting site for those looking to bet with athlete tokens. The site also offers a sports welcome bonus of $1,000, making it an attractive option for new users.
  3. Mystake: This sportsbook offers a 100% deposit match bonus up to $500 for new users who deposit a minimum of $20. Mystake features a diverse range of sports and betting markets, ensuring a fun and engaging betting experience for all its users.
  4. Cloudbet: Cloudbet provides an extensive variety of sports, such as basketball, tennis, ice hockey, soccer, and baseball, making it a top choice for those looking to bet with athlete tokens. The platform also boasts competitive odds and a user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth betting experience.


Kyrrex Sport: Official sponsor for Pramac Racing. Kyrrex unites aspiring young athletes, enthusiastic sports fans, crypto investors, and gamers through a unified blockchain application spanning multiple platforms. This innovative ecosystem is fueled by the exclusive utility token, KRRX, which serves as the primary means of transaction across various offerings within the Kyrrex ecosystem. Distinguished as the sole platform of its kind, we provide a unique opportunity for investors, players, and fans to connect with and support the potential future stars akin to Messis, Ronaldos, Valentino Rossi, and Marc Marquez. Participants can not only discover but also actively engage with these rising talents, reaping associated benefits from their involvement.

Strategies for Successful Athlete Token Betting

To maximize your chances of success when betting with athlete tokens, it’s essential to employ a range of strategies and best practices. In this section, we’ll discuss some key strategies to help you make informed decisions and manage your investments wisely.

  1. Diversification: Spreading your bets across a variety of sports, leagues, and teams can help minimize the risk of losing your entire bankroll on a single bet. By diversifying your investments, you can also increase your chances of spotting value in the betting markets.
  2. Avoid Longshots and Parlays: While longshots and parlays can offer high odds, they also come with a heightened risk of loss. To minimize the risk of depleting your bankroll, it’s advisable to avoid these types of bets and focus on more reliable betting options.
  3. Sound Money Management: Establishing a budget and sticking to it is crucial to ensure that you don’t wager more than you can afford to lose. Additionally, it’s important to track your wins and losses to determine the effectiveness of your betting strategies and make adjustments as needed.
  4. Research: Gaining expertise in a specific sport, league, or team can help you identify value in the betting markets and make more informed decisions when placing bets. By conducting thorough research and staying up-to-date on the latest developments in the sports and cryptocurrency industries, you can increase your chances of success in athlete token betting.

Athlete Token Betting: Real-Life Examples

To illustrate the potential of athlete token betting, let’s take a look at some real-life examples that showcase the profit and fan engagement opportunities offered by this innovative approach to sports betting.

  1. F.C. Barcelona Fan Tokens: In 2020, F.C. Barcelona partnered with Socios to release their own fan tokens. Fans were able to purchase these tokens and use them to vote on club decisions, access exclusive content, and participate in VIP experiences.
  2. NBA Top Shot: NBA Top Shot is a platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles based on iconic moments in NBA history. These digital assets, known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), can be used to acquire exclusive merchandise, access exclusive content, and even partake in exclusive events.
  3. UFC Fight Island: The UFC partnered with Chiliz to create their own fan tokens, which can be used to bet on UFC fights, gain access to exclusive content, and participate in VIP experiences.

These examples demonstrate the potential for profit and fan engagement offered by athlete token betting, highlighting the exciting opportunities that await sports enthusiasts and bettors in this rapidly evolving market.


Athlete token betting is an innovative and exciting development in the world of sports betting, offering fans the chance to invest in their favorite athletes and teams while accessing unique betting markets. By understanding the advantages, risks, and challenges associated with athlete token betting, and employing effective strategies for success, sports enthusiasts and bettors can unlock the full potential of this burgeoning market. As the world of sports betting continues to evolve, athlete tokens are poised to play an increasingly important role in the future of fan engagement and betting opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there crypto gambling?

Yes, there is crypto gambling available; popular crash and dice games, such as Aviator and Space XY, can be found at various crypto-exclusive sites like BitStarz and mBit.

Where can I bet on sports with crypto?

If you’re looking for a reliable place to bet on sports with crypto, take the advice of those with over 25 years of experience in the crypto world - they can provide the guidance and support you need.

They have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best decisions when it comes to betting with crypto. They can provide you with the latest news and updates on the crypto market, as well as advice on how to maximize your profits.

What are the 4 types of cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency comes in many forms, including utility tokens, payment tokens, security tokens, stablecoins, DeFi tokens, NFTs and asset-backed tokens.

The most common are utility and payment tokens.

What are athlete tokens?

Athlete tokens are digital assets that enable fans to invest in and bet on their favourite athletes, representing a share in the athlete’s future earnings and performance.

These tokens are a new way for fans to show their support for their favourite athletes, while also having the potential to earn a return on their investment. They are also a way for athletes to monetize their brand and increase their earning potential.

What are the advantages of betting with athlete tokens?

Betting with athlete tokens allows fans to increase engagement, access exclusive betting markets, and potentially benefit financially.

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Kyrrex Surprises MotoGP Fans With a Massive Giveaway

As a cryptocurrency platform passionate about the high-speed world of sports, Kyrrex has reached a significant presence in MotoGP. We stand up for speed, strategy, and success, much like the elite athletes we sponsor.

Our ambassadors consistently deliver outstanding results promoting our brand. Their latest triumphs in the MotoGP and Moto2 championships in Thailand, Australia, and Indonesia have showcased the Kyrrex logo for millions of people.

In light of our representatives' accomplishments, Kyrrex is proud to unveil a grand giveaway that will bring our users closer to the MotoGP experience. Every new user who joins Kyrrex and verifies his account to make the first deposit gets a chance to receive:

🎁 10 Valencia MotoGP Grand Prix tickets;
🎁 10 t-shirts autographed by Jorge Martin or Aleix Espargaro;
🎁 Additional cash bonuses;
🎁 For one ultimate fan, an exclusive one-day MotoGP paddock pass.

Begin your journey by registering on the Kyrrex EU platform through our app or website. Next, verify your account to ensure a safe and secure trading experience. Finally, activate your trading by depositing a minimum of 20 EUR, confirming your giveaway entry.

This thrilling competition is already underway and will conclude on November 15th, with the winners' announcement planned for November 17th. Follow our social media channels for details.

This giveaway is just one of many surprises and projects in collaboration with our MotoGP ambassadors. Keep your engines running and stay tuned for more info!

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World's Top Padel Player Joins Kyrrex's Ambassador Roster

At Kyrrex, our journey into the world of sports is always expanding. With each passing day, our mission becomes clearer – to support and associate with the brightest talents globally.

We’re excited to unveil yet another monumental partnership, further emphasizing our dedication to the sports world.

Kyrrex welcomes Paula Josemaría Martín

We are thrilled to announce that Kyrrex and Paula Josemaría Martín have inked a contract for 2023, with an optimistic vision for prolonged collaboration. As part of our partnership, the distinguished Kyrrex logo will proudly be displayed on her back, representing our mutual commitment to excellence for Kyrrex Sport.

This Spanish padel maestro holds the prestigious #1 spot in the World Padel Tour rankings. A favorite in every tournament she graces, Paula's dominance on the court is undeniable. Alongside Ariana Sánchez, she is one-half of the most formidable women's duo in the sports today. Paula has tenaciously maintained her top position among all padel players since 2021, and her trophy cabinet, boasting over 20 premier awards, speaks volumes about her prowess.

While Paula's addition to our ambassador family is a remarkable event, she isn't our sole representative from the world of padel. We are equally proud to highlight our association with the dynamic duo of Franco Stupaczuk and Martín Di Nenno, who continue to make significant waves on the World Padel Tour.

The Future Looks Bright

At Kyrrex crypto we look ahead, we are brimming with ideas and plans for collaborative projects set to materialize in 2024. From hosting new events and meet-ups to launching exciting giveaways. We would like to elevate our community engagement to unprecedented heights.

Stay tuned for more cool announcements!

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Kyrrex Welcomes Kostiantyn Pysarev to Its Ambassador Lineup

At Kyrrex, we believe in the synergy of passion, talent, and dedication. That's why we are delving deeper into the world of sports. With the intention to magnify our commitment to the sporting fraternity, we are excited to announce the signing of talented athletes.

Ukraine's Motorcycle Expert

Born in Kyiv, Kostiantyn Pysarev is a name that resonates with speed, precision, and unparalleled skills on two wheels.

By holding an astounding record, Kostiantyn is a 14-time champion of Ukraine (2007-2021). He proved his talent with 4 SBK championships and 10 SSP600 championships titles. Adding to these impressive accolades, Kostiantyn's talent has been acknowledged internationally as he clinched two silver medals in the SSP600 category at the IDM German Championship in 2015. Making history, he became the first Ukrainian to participate in the World Superbike Championship (WSBK) 2011 in the SSP600 category.

We are beyond thrilled to have this prodigy join our ambassador program, and with the Kyrrex logo in green, we're confident that podiums across the globe will gleam brighter.

Fusing Sports and Crypto

Our mission is to bolster the talents of sportsmen and sportswomen globally, ensuring the iconic Kyrrex logo in verdant green finds its place in diverse arenas. Kostiantyn Pysarev is a shining exemplar, but he's not alone. For several seasons, we have been the proud official sponsor of the Pramac Racing Team. Beyond that, we extend our support to phenomenal athletes such as Martín Di Nenno, Jorge Martín, and many others. Each of them embodies Kyrrex's unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and a passion for greatness.

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Game, Set, Match! Kyrrex's PRO/AM Tournaments Continue to Gain Popularity

Kyrrex believes in the power of sports to unite, inspire, and promote noble causes. It is with this spirit that we have successfully held the second tournament of the Kyrrex PRO/AM series.

A Combination of Sportsmanship and Charity

The Kyrrex PRO/AM Tennis Charity Event, held from June 26 to 29, was a grand spectacle in the picturesque setting of the Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu in Sardinia. The event was attended by former Italian tennis stars, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and competition. Participation was open to amateurs as well, making it a unique blend of professionalism and grassroots participation.

The tournament raised an impressive €10,000, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility. The donations from the event will be transferred to the charity organization Football for Ukraine, founded by a famous Ukrainian football player Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Fierce Competition and Heartwarming Sportsmanship

The tournament brought together professionals and amateurs in unique pairs, leveling the playing field and providing ample room for unforgettable moments. The nail-biting final match between the pairs of Santangelo/Pancaro and Chiudinelli/Caterino saw the former clinching victory with a close score of 7-6.

Big names like N. Zimonjić, Jiří Novák, F. Santoro, and David Blanquart were also part of this event. Their participation elevated the second tournament in the Kyrrex PRO/AM series.

Envisioning a Future Where Sports and Crypto Coexist

At Kyrrex, we believe in the synergy of sports and crypto. As we continue our journey, our endeavors will be focused on further integrating these two diverse worlds.

In particular, we are excited about our upcoming project, Cryptothlon. Developed in partnership with industry-leading experts, Cryptothlon is a one-of-a-kind gaming platform that seamlessly combines elements of a metaverse and an online game.

Moreover, we must remember the exceptional performance of our supported riders in the 2023 season. The recent Italian Grand Prix, which took place on June 11, allowed us to witness their prowess yet again. Pramac Racing’s Jorge Martin and Johann Zarco's double podium finish was a testament to their unwavering determination. Meanwhile, in the Moto2 championship, Pedro Acosta, racing for Red Bull KTM Ajo, stole the show with his victory, making him one of the primary contenders for this year's championship title.

As our vision takes shape and gains momentum with each tournament we continue to bridge the gap between the worlds of sports and crypto.

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Kyrrex Seizes Esports: Discover Cryptothlon

At Kyrrex, our quest for innovation and growth extends beyond cryptocurrency transactions. We understand the immense potential and transformative power of the gaming industry, meta universes, and NFTs within the dynamic crypto landscape.

For some time, we have been meticulously developing Cryptothlon, an intriguing game platform that harmoniously melds together elements of a metaverse and an online game. In this post, we're excited to delve deeper into this promising project and introduce our community to the numerous possibilities Cryptothlon brings to the gaming and crypto areas.

Dive into the Cryptothlon Arena


In Cryptothlon, the future of esports takes form in an action-crafted arena. Here, each participant will be able to customize their very own Crypto Athlete and Cyberjet, forging unique strategies before they step foot on the competitive scene. This is not just a game; it's an all-encompassing experience where players gain direct control over the development and progress of their digital Athletes, who are empowered with unique characteristics and abilities.

Navigating the Cryptothlon Universe: Token Integration

One of the groundbreaking features of Cryptothlon is its integration with NFTs and our proprietary KRRX token system. With these, player customization and rewards will reach new heights. Depending on the division, players will have the chance to participate in various tournaments and collect bonuses that directly influence the performance of their Athletes and Cyberjets. Furthermore, these rewards have a significant impact on the platform's economy, driving up the value and attractiveness of participation.

The Ecosystem of Cryptothlon

Cryptothlon is more than just a game; it's an ecosystem. From battling bots or facing off against fellow enthusiasts in multiplayer championships to earning from prize pools. Each player's experience is unique. The player's autonomy extends to Cyberjet part customization for maximum performance and the ability to trade equipment and modules on the market. These exciting features create an immersive, flexible environment where the potential for triumph and rewards is limitless.

More Surprises Ahead

Cryptothlon development is in progress. At Kyrrex, we are committed to consistently evolving in the gaming industry, and we have many surprises in store for our gaming enthusiasts, particularly within the metaverse.

With Cryptothlon, we are embarking on a new era of esports where every player has the power to own, compete, and develop. We will share more details on the project later this year. And don't forget to have your KRRX tokens ready so you can take full advantage of this captivating gaming universe.

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Kyrrex Ambassadors' Stellar Performance at the Italian Grand Prix

Welcome to the thrilling world of MotoGP and Moto2 championships! 🏍️

In the peak of the 2023 season, our ambassadors are truly standing out, showcasing their extraordinary skills and unwavering determination. Riders, supported by Kyrrex, showed exceptional performance last weekend.

The recent Italian Grand Prix, which took place on June 11, provided yet another opportunity to witness their prowess.

Double Podium for Pramac Racing

Jorge Martin, representing Pramac Racing in MotoGP, delivered an intense action at the iconic Mugello circuit, securing a close second place. He finished just a heartbeat behind the winner, positioning himself strongly for future victories. Martin's teammate Johann Zarco clinched the third position.

This marks the second time this season that Pramac Racing has achieved a double podium, a testament to the exceptional talent and determination of the team.

Acosta's Impressive Victory in the Moto2 Race

The excitement didn't end with MotoGP. In the Moto2 championship, Red Bull KTM Ajo's Pedro Acosta, another esteemed ambassador of Kyrrex, performed brilliantly. Acosta raced ahead of the pack, crossing the finish line in first place.

With an astonishing pace, he came within 0.3 seconds of breaking the all-time record at the Mugello circuit, set by Raul Fernandez in 2021. Acosta's impressive skills made him one of the primary contenders for the championship title this year.

Exciting Joint Projects on the Horizon with Kyrrex

As the 2023 season continues, we eagerly anticipate more astonishing performances from our ambassadors. Not only do they fill us with pride, but they also embody the spirit of excellence that Kyrrex stands for.

We know our clients and fans share our enthusiasm for these impressive victories. We have some thrilling collaborations planned with our champions, so expect to see more of them both on and off the track. Our kyrrex ambassadors are geared up for more intense competition, and we're optimistic about achieving more top finishes and, who knows, maybe even a championship title.

As the season progresses, let's stay excited and cheer our champions on. With the unwavering support of Kyrrex, our ambassadors will continue to take the MotoGP and Moto2 championships by storm. Stay tuned for more amazing races and stunning victories!

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Kyrrex Sport: Introduction and Features

Kyrrex Sport is a unique platform that brings the power of talent tracking to the blockchain. We offer individuals across the world the chance to contribute to the growth and development of tomorrow’s sports superstars and earn income from it. Users on the platform can pick from a selection of budding names in various sports to invest in. As the young stars grow into elite athletes, so does the investment.

The blockchain space is awash with numerous schemes centered on NFTs and image likenesses but Kyrrex Sports’ flagship product brings a different proposition to the table. We connect young and promising sports professionals with fans of their sports, crypto investors, and gamers on one cross-platform application powered by our native KRRX token.

Imagine you could bet on a 15-year-old Lionel Messi before he properly burst onto the football scene and became arguably the greatest player of all time. Kyrrex Sport will provide an opportunity for you to discover the stars of tomorrow before they become stars.

How does Kyrrex Sport work

Kyrrex Sport will issue and promote tokens on behalf of the best sports talents of the age. Users will have the opportunity to accumulate tokens of their favorite prospect or experienced athlete through either the Kyrrex Sport Launchpad or in the open market.

The initial token offering for each tokenized player is only available through the launchpad and to KRRX stakers. Individual allocation will be determined by the ratio of committed KRRX to the amount of KRRX committed by all participating users.


  • Scout the best and most promising under-the-radar athletes.
  • Sign contracts for usage of digital image rights.
  • Token presale allocation for KRRX users.
  • Token launch on Kyrrex Launchpad
  • Token trades freely on the open market.

A Marketplace for Digitalized Rights

At Kyrrex Sport, our wide and extensive scouting network comprise some of the best brains in football, padel tennis, and MotoGP. We conduct intense research to scout and sign some of the most promising names in these sports to our platform. We create tokens for each signed athlete, which can be freely bought and sold on the open market.

Our models present a fantastic opportunity for crypto users to benefit from a player’s journey to the top of their sport. The price of each token will be tied to the respective player’s performance and status in their sport, guaranteeing an asset that mirrors real-life in a visceral and fascinating way.

The Trading Fan’s Paradise

Kyrrex Sports exists to offer the sports-loving crypto trader an opportunity to create value from the sports they love. On this platform, you can mix business and benevolence with pleasure and secure happiness for yourself on all three counts. By investing in tokenized players, you make a play for the future, give them an income boost, and cheer for them on their journey to the top.

What’s not to love?

  • Buy the tokens of your favorite players.
  • Trade, gift or hold the tokens as you wish.
  • Meet your heroes through various fan events.
  • Win free NFTs and other giveaways

The Upcoming Athlete’s Dream

For enterprising and savvy athletes at the start of their careers, Kyrrex Sport offers a big opportunity to form a personal brand and grow it organically into a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

With economic incentives and a bigger popularity at play, the prospect will be motivated to put in their best efforts to achieve the next level and reward the investors for their support and belief.

· A personal token with the prospect’s name as the ticker.

· Opportunity to interact with fans through live sessions both online and offline: Meet & Greets, AMAs, autograph sessions, etc.

· Feeling the thrill of contributing to the happiness of thousands of users simply by performing well and generating demand for the token.

· A share of revenue from token sales and related products based on the athlete’s image rights.

· Opportunity to launch exclusive NFTs of personal career highlights.

A Blockchain Gamechanger

Kyrrex Sports is poised to shake up the blockchain space and expand the limits of what is possible. It positions talented upstarts and influential athletes alike to monetize their popularity and performance. Normally, income from shirts and player figures mostly go into the club or team’s coffers. With the new innovation by Kyrrex Sport, players in all sports can earn directly from their fame.

Kyrrex Sport Player Tiers

To give our athletes and users the best experience, we grade our tokenized individuals into three tiers. The tier an athlete lands in is determined by their current age, level and achievement within their respective sport. The tier also determines the starting price and initial valuation of a token.

Innovative Revenue Sharing

At Kyrrex Sport, we believe in the supremacy of the athlete over all else. Without the individuals who put their body on the line every day and give their all to entertain us, there wouldn’t be any sports to get excited over or make money from.

Our revenue sharing formula follows this principle by reserving the largest share of token sale income to the tokenized player. The athlete will, irrespective of their level or tier, be entitled to 60% of all sale proceeds. The rest will be used for scouting and operational costs and charity initiatives.

Kyrrex Sport P2E Fantasy Football

Kyrrex Sport creates extra utility for its tokenized products by making it the centerpiece of an all-new P2E fantasy football game. Users can stake their player tokens to participate in the game, giving it a unique spin on the stake-to-play concept.

Just like real-life football, the game requires 11 players—in this case, 11 different tokens. Users can form teams of 11 to square off against one another with KRRX tokens and special-edition NFTs on offer. Results will be decided by the comparative strength of individual tokens on each team and the real-world performance of the tokenized players.

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Кyrrex and Pramac Racing Plans

This week, the high-octane world of MotoGP shifts its focus to the picturesque in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. The Spanish Grand Prix is taking place from April 28th to 30th. Amidst the adrenaline-fueled action, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing are seizing the opportunity to discuss exciting new crypto projects and deepen their partnership.

Кyrrex and Pramac Racing plans

Although the details are being kept under wraps, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing have confirmed their plans to unveil groundbreaking collaborations at the peak of the MotoGP racing season. A shared vision for innovation only strengthens the bond between companies that are now entering their second season together.

A rider to watch during the race weekend is Jorge Martin, a consistent podium contender and a driving force behind Pramac Racing's success. With his unwavering determination and skill, Martin embodies the spirit of partnership between Kyrrex and Pramac Racing.

Kyrrex’s founder, Viktor Kochetov, shared his thoughts on this efficient cooperation:

"Our partnership with Pramac Racing goes beyond sponsorship. It is built on mutual respect and ambitions. This weekend, we are going to discuss our future projects and further collaboration."

As the MotoGP community expects an action-packed weekend in Jerez, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing stand united in their pursuit of innovation. The synergy between the two partners is sure to fuel further success on the racetrack and beyond, setting new standards for the worlds of motorsports and cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to cheer on Pramac Racing at the Spanish Grand Prix!

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