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Game, Set, Match! Kyrrex's PRO/AM Tournaments Continue to Gain Popularity

Kyrrex believes in the power of sports to unite, inspire, and promote noble causes. It is with this spirit that we have successfully held the second tournament of the Kyrrex PRO/AM series.

A Combination of Sportsmanship and Charity

The Kyrrex PRO/AM Tennis Charity Event, held from June 26 to 29, was a grand spectacle in the picturesque setting of the Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu in Sardinia. The event was attended by former Italian tennis stars, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and competition. Participation was open to amateurs as well, making it a unique blend of professionalism and grassroots participation.

The tournament raised an impressive €10,000, reflecting our commitment to social responsibility. The donations from the event will be transferred to the charity organization Football for Ukraine, founded by a famous Ukrainian football player Oleksandr Zinchenko.

Fierce Competition and Heartwarming Sportsmanship

The tournament brought together professionals and amateurs in unique pairs, leveling the playing field and providing ample room for unforgettable moments. The nail-biting final match between the pairs of Santangelo/Pancaro and Chiudinelli/Caterino saw the former clinching victory with a close score of 7-6.

Big names like N. Zimonjić, Jiří Novák, F. Santoro, and David Blanquart were also part of this event. Their participation elevated the second tournament in the Kyrrex PRO/AM series.

Envisioning a Future Where Sports and Crypto Coexist

At Kyrrex, we believe in the synergy of sports and crypto. As we continue our journey, our endeavors will be focused on further integrating these two diverse worlds.

In particular, we are excited about our upcoming project, Cryptothlon. Developed in partnership with industry-leading experts, Cryptothlon is a one-of-a-kind gaming platform that seamlessly combines elements of a metaverse and an online game.

Moreover, we must remember the exceptional performance of our supported riders in the 2023 season. The recent Italian Grand Prix, which took place on June 11, allowed us to witness their prowess yet again. Pramac Racing’s Jorge Martin and Johann Zarco's double podium finish was a testament to their unwavering determination. Meanwhile, in the Moto2 championship, Pedro Acosta, racing for Red Bull KTM Ajo, stole the show with his victory, making him one of the primary contenders for this year's championship title.

As our vision takes shape and gains momentum with each tournament we continue to bridge the gap between the worlds of sports and crypto.

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Kyrrex Seizes Esports: Discover Cryptothlon

At Kyrrex, our quest for innovation and growth extends beyond cryptocurrency transactions. We understand the immense potential and transformative power of the gaming industry, meta universes, and NFTs within the dynamic crypto landscape.

For some time, we have been meticulously developing Cryptothlon, an intriguing game platform that harmoniously melds together elements of a metaverse and an online game. In this post, we're excited to delve deeper into this promising project and introduce our community to the numerous possibilities Cryptothlon brings to the gaming and crypto areas.

Dive into the Cryptothlon Arena


In Cryptothlon, the future of esports takes form in an action-crafted arena. Here, each participant will be able to customize their very own Crypto Athlete and Cyberjet, forging unique strategies before they step foot on the competitive scene. This is not just a game; it's an all-encompassing experience where players gain direct control over the development and progress of their digital Athletes, who are empowered with unique characteristics and abilities.

Navigating the Cryptothlon Universe: Token Integration

One of the groundbreaking features of Cryptothlon is its integration with NFTs and our proprietary KRRX token system. With these, player customization and rewards will reach new heights. Depending on the division, players will have the chance to participate in various tournaments and collect bonuses that directly influence the performance of their Athletes and Cyberjets. Furthermore, these rewards have a significant impact on the platform's economy, driving up the value and attractiveness of participation.

The Ecosystem of Cryptothlon

Cryptothlon is more than just a game; it's an ecosystem. From battling bots or facing off against fellow enthusiasts in multiplayer championships to earning from prize pools. Each player's experience is unique. The player's autonomy extends to Cyberjet part customization for maximum performance and the ability to trade equipment and modules on the market. These exciting features create an immersive, flexible environment where the potential for triumph and rewards is limitless.

More Surprises Ahead

Cryptothlon development is in progress. At Kyrrex, we are committed to consistently evolving in the gaming industry, and we have many surprises in store for our gaming enthusiasts, particularly within the metaverse.

With Cryptothlon, we are embarking on a new era of esports where every player has the power to own, compete, and develop. We will share more details on the project later this year. And don't forget to have your KRRX tokens ready so you can take full advantage of this captivating gaming universe.

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Kyrrex Ambassadors' Stellar Performance at the Italian Grand Prix

Welcome to the thrilling world of MotoGP and Moto2 championships! 🏍️

In the peak of the 2023 season, our ambassadors are truly standing out, showcasing their extraordinary skills and unwavering determination. Riders, supported by Kyrrex, showed exceptional performance last weekend.

The recent Italian Grand Prix, which took place on June 11, provided yet another opportunity to witness their prowess.

Double Podium for Pramac Racing

Jorge Martin, representing Pramac Racing in MotoGP, delivered an intense action at the iconic Mugello circuit, securing a close second place. He finished just a heartbeat behind the winner, positioning himself strongly for future victories. Martin's teammate Johann Zarco clinched the third position.

This marks the second time this season that Pramac Racing has achieved a double podium, a testament to the exceptional talent and determination of the team.

Acosta's Impressive Victory in the Moto2 Race

The excitement didn't end with MotoGP. In the Moto2 championship, Red Bull KTM Ajo's Pedro Acosta, another esteemed ambassador of Kyrrex, performed brilliantly. Acosta raced ahead of the pack, crossing the finish line in first place.

With an astonishing pace, he came within 0.3 seconds of breaking the all-time record at the Mugello circuit, set by Raul Fernandez in 2021. Acosta's impressive skills made him one of the primary contenders for the championship title this year.

Exciting Joint Projects on the Horizon with Kyrrex

As the 2023 season continues, we eagerly anticipate more astonishing performances from our ambassadors. Not only do they fill us with pride, but they also embody the spirit of excellence that Kyrrex stands for.

We know our clients and fans share our enthusiasm for these impressive victories. We have some thrilling collaborations planned with our champions, so expect to see more of them both on and off the track. Our kyrrex ambassadors are geared up for more intense competition, and we're optimistic about achieving more top finishes and, who knows, maybe even a championship title.

As the season progresses, let's stay excited and cheer our champions on. With the unwavering support of Kyrrex, our ambassadors will continue to take the MotoGP and Moto2 championships by storm. Stay tuned for more amazing races and stunning victories!

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Kyrrex Sport: Introduction and Features

Kyrrex Sport is a unique platform that brings the power of talent tracking to the blockchain. We offer individuals across the world the chance to contribute to the growth and development of tomorrow’s sports superstars and earn income from it. Users on the platform can pick from a selection of budding names in various sports to invest in. As the young stars grow into elite athletes, so does the investment.

The blockchain space is awash with numerous schemes centered on NFTs and image likenesses but Kyrrex Sports’ flagship product brings a different proposition to the table. We connect young and promising sports professionals with fans of their sports, crypto investors, and gamers on one cross-platform application powered by our native KRRX token.

Imagine you could bet on a 15-year-old Lionel Messi before he properly burst onto the football scene and became arguably the greatest player of all time. Kyrrex Sport will provide an opportunity for you to discover the stars of tomorrow before they become stars.

How does Kyrrex Sport work

Kyrrex Sport will issue and promote tokens on behalf of the best sports talents of the age. Users will have the opportunity to accumulate tokens of their favorite prospect or experienced athlete through either the Kyrrex Sport Launchpad or in the open market.

The initial token offering for each tokenized player is only available through the launchpad and to KRRX stakers. Individual allocation will be determined by the ratio of committed KRRX to the amount of KRRX committed by all participating users.


  • Scout the best and most promising under-the-radar athletes.
  • Sign contracts for usage of digital image rights.
  • Token presale allocation for KRRX users.
  • Token launch on Kyrrex Launchpad
  • Token trades freely on the open market.

A Marketplace for Digitalized Rights

At Kyrrex Sport, our wide and extensive scouting network comprise some of the best brains in football, padel tennis, and MotoGP. We conduct intense research to scout and sign some of the most promising names in these sports to our platform. We create tokens for each signed athlete, which can be freely bought and sold on the open market.

Our models present a fantastic opportunity for crypto users to benefit from a player’s journey to the top of their sport. The price of each token will be tied to the respective player’s performance and status in their sport, guaranteeing an asset that mirrors real-life in a visceral and fascinating way.

The Trading Fan’s Paradise

Kyrrex Sports exists to offer the sports-loving crypto trader an opportunity to create value from the sports they love. On this platform, you can mix business and benevolence with pleasure and secure happiness for yourself on all three counts. By investing in tokenized players, you make a play for the future, give them an income boost, and cheer for them on their journey to the top.

What’s not to love?

  • Buy the tokens of your favorite players.
  • Trade, gift or hold the tokens as you wish.
  • Meet your heroes through various fan events.
  • Win free NFTs and other giveaways

The Upcoming Athlete’s Dream

For enterprising and savvy athletes at the start of their careers, Kyrrex Sport offers a big opportunity to form a personal brand and grow it organically into a loyal and dedicated fanbase.

With economic incentives and a bigger popularity at play, the prospect will be motivated to put in their best efforts to achieve the next level and reward the investors for their support and belief.

· A personal token with the prospect’s name as the ticker.

· Opportunity to interact with fans through live sessions both online and offline: Meet & Greets, AMAs, autograph sessions, etc.

· Feeling the thrill of contributing to the happiness of thousands of users simply by performing well and generating demand for the token.

· A share of revenue from token sales and related products based on the athlete’s image rights.

· Opportunity to launch exclusive NFTs of personal career highlights.

A Blockchain Gamechanger

Kyrrex Sports is poised to shake up the blockchain space and expand the limits of what is possible. It positions talented upstarts and influential athletes alike to monetize their popularity and performance. Normally, income from shirts and player figures mostly go into the club or team’s coffers. With the new innovation by Kyrrex Sport, players in all sports can earn directly from their fame.

Kyrrex Sport Player Tiers

To give our athletes and users the best experience, we grade our tokenized individuals into three tiers. The tier an athlete lands in is determined by their current age, level and achievement within their respective sport. The tier also determines the starting price and initial valuation of a token.

Innovative Revenue Sharing

At Kyrrex Sport, we believe in the supremacy of the athlete over all else. Without the individuals who put their body on the line every day and give their all to entertain us, there wouldn’t be any sports to get excited over or make money from.

Our revenue sharing formula follows this principle by reserving the largest share of token sale income to the tokenized player. The athlete will, irrespective of their level or tier, be entitled to 60% of all sale proceeds. The rest will be used for scouting and operational costs and charity initiatives.

Kyrrex Sport P2E Fantasy Football

Kyrrex Sport creates extra utility for its tokenized products by making it the centerpiece of an all-new P2E fantasy football game. Users can stake their player tokens to participate in the game, giving it a unique spin on the stake-to-play concept.

Just like real-life football, the game requires 11 players—in this case, 11 different tokens. Users can form teams of 11 to square off against one another with KRRX tokens and special-edition NFTs on offer. Results will be decided by the comparative strength of individual tokens on each team and the real-world performance of the tokenized players.

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Кyrrex and Pramac Racing Plans

This week, the high-octane world of MotoGP shifts its focus to the picturesque in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. The Spanish Grand Prix is taking place from April 28th to 30th. Amidst the adrenaline-fueled action, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing are seizing the opportunity to discuss exciting new crypto projects and deepen their partnership.

Кyrrex and Pramac Racing plans

Although the details are being kept under wraps, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing have confirmed their plans to unveil groundbreaking collaborations at the peak of the MotoGP racing season. A shared vision for innovation only strengthens the bond between companies that are now entering their second season together.

A rider to watch during the race weekend is Jorge Martin, a consistent podium contender and a driving force behind Pramac Racing's success. With his unwavering determination and skill, Martin embodies the spirit of partnership between Kyrrex and Pramac Racing.

Kyrrex’s founder, Viktor Kochetov, shared his thoughts on this efficient cooperation:

"Our partnership with Pramac Racing goes beyond sponsorship. It is built on mutual respect and ambitions. This weekend, we are going to discuss our future projects and further collaboration."

As the MotoGP community expects an action-packed weekend in Jerez, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing stand united in their pursuit of innovation. The synergy between the two partners is sure to fuel further success on the racetrack and beyond, setting new standards for the worlds of motorsports and cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to cheer on Pramac Racing at the Spanish Grand Prix!

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Wow! Kyrrex Becomes an Official Partner of Valhalla Fighting!

Kyrrex partners with Valhalla

Our regulated crypto-fiat ecosystem is proud to announce its official partnership with Valhalla Fighting, a popular bare-knuckle fistfighting organization from the Czech Republic.

Valhalla Fighting is known for its intense and action-packed fights, featuring some of the most talented and skilled fighters worldwide. This new partnership will provide Kyrrex users with exciting new opportunities and exclusive access to one of the world's most thrilling and adrenaline-fueled sports.

The following fights will take place on March 4, 2023 at the Unyp Arena in Prague and will feature 13 bouts with fighters from various countries, including the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Norway, Germany and Lithuania.

The main event of the evening will be the highly anticipated bout between Martin Horsky and Marian Tuma, two of the most talented fighters in the Czech Republic. Fans are eagerly awaiting this fight to see who will emerge victorious. Everyone can enjoy this show in the official broadcast on various TV platforms, including the Czech O2 in pay-per-view format.

At the same time, this new partnership with Valhalla Fighting is part of Kyrrex's expansion strategy to partner with various sports organizations and bring new and exciting opportunities to our users.

Recently, our team announced a new partnership with tennis legends Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk, and now it continues to win the hearts of sports fans.

Stay tuned for more exciting activities and announcements!

Best wishes,

Your Kyrrex 💚

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Kyrrex Sponsors Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk for the 2023 Tennis Season!

Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk will join the Kyrrex team

Kyrrex is thrilled to announce that Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk will join the Kyrrex team as our sponsored tennis duo for 2023!

Not only are they exceptional athletes, but their history of playing together in junior tournaments as youngsters is a testament to their strong bond and determination. Stupaczuk and Di Nenno were a doubles team as juniors and in their teens. And now they are back as a pair to challenge Alejandro Galan and Juan Lebron for the title of the world's best pair.

As a global fintech brand, Kyrrex is dedicated to building a strong, engaged community of true tennis fans.

We Kyrrex team are proud to have our company logo on the t-shirts of ambassadors Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk at world and regional tournaments, reaffirming our commitment to spreading our brand across the globe. We are also excited to announce some upcoming collaborative events, giveaways, and activities that we will be hosting with our community.

Be sure to follow our news, social networks, and blog to stay up to date on all the exciting events and opportunities we have in store!

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2022 Valencia MotoGP Race Result: Kyrrex Ambassador on the Podium!

It was a tense, emotional and stunning finale to the 2022 Moto Grand Prixx Season in Valencia, Spain. Kyrrex's Founders Viktor Kochetov and Mykhailo Romanenko exactly know. They attended the MotoGP Grand-Prix and came back with great news — our ambassador Jorge Martin won bronze in the race from pole position! 🏆

The 2022 edition of the Valencia MotoGP event took place on 6 November 2022, the twentieth and final round of the 2022 Grand Prix motorcycle 🏍 racing season.

With glory and bragging rights still up for grabs, each rider gave it their all and contributed to a high-octane spectacle that left the audience on the edge of their seats.

We really saw an amazing competition that was worth every penny of the attendance ticket. The riders were electric and outstanding. The race was thrilling. The fans were loud and the finish was spectacular. To cap it all, our company ambassador Jorge Martin secured a podium finish after a brilliant race!

But everything in order…

🥇 Alex Rins (Team Suzuki Ecstar) took 1st place in the overall standings.

🥈 Brad Binder (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing) stormed to 2nd.

🥉 The Kyrrex ambassador Jorge Martin ( Pramac Racing) closed the race in the 3rd position.

After taking third, Spanish motorcycling superstar Jorge Martin turned his fifth MotoGP pole position of the season into his fourth podium.

He says he is quite satisfied with the result even though he struggled with the front tyre throughout the race: “The great experience I have gathered this year will help me to not make the same mistakes next time. I am very motivated for next season: I think and hope to be able to fight for the title in 2023!”

Keep following the success of our ambassadors and stay with Kyrrex, the platform of champions!

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Kyrrex Ambassadors on The World Sports Scene

Kyrrex continues its active development, providing thousands of users with unique opportunities in the field of cryptocurrencies. One of the important stages of brand promotion is the cooperation and support of media partners, among which are future and established sports superstars.

That is why the company in 2022 introduced ambassadors representing the Kyrrex brand on the global sports scene. For the last few months, brand partners have been performing in arenas and winning the hearts of millions of fans in sportswear with the recognizable Kyrrex logo.

We would like to write more about each of them in order to highlight this important aspect of our comprehensive business strategy that helps develop young talent and established leaders who share Kyrrex's goals and objectives.

Kyrrex Worldwide Sports Representatives

As of July 2022, Kyrrex's partners and representatives on the sports stage are the legendary MotoGP Pramac Racing team and 6 individual athletes: racers and tennis players. Each partner contributes to the brand by educating their international audience about the benefits of the Kyrrex crypto-fiat ecosystem. The company provides them financial and other support, helping to boost their morale and performances.

Let's take a closer look at each of the brand's sports partners.

Pramac Racing MotoGP Team

Pramac Racing is a private MotoGP and MotoE racing team founded in 1999. The premier status of the team allows it to work with various motor vehicle manufacturers and attract talented riders from across the globe. Half-season figures for 2022 show that the team remains a crowd favorite in MotoGP.

In the 2022 season so far, Pramac leads all independent teams in the championship in terms of points earned. The team is on course for the title of Best Independent MotoGP Team of 2022.

Our relationship with Pramac Racing is thriving and dynamic. Representatives of Kyrrex have been at various MotoGP events to cheer on the company's ambassadors as they drive their way to glory. Kyrrex CEO Viktor Kochetov and the company's CVO Mikhail Romanenko were at the recent Barcelona Grand Prix as the Pramac team won the race flying Kyrrex's colors.

Jorge Martin

Kyrrex ambassador Jorge Martin

Johann Zarco

Kyrrex ambassador Johann Zarco

Johann Zarco is a French racing star who has won the Moto2 championship twice. His recent move to Pramac Racing marked a new phase in his career. He's helped the team make the podium for numerous Grands Prix starting in 2021.

Johann is a fierce competitor and enterprising racer who gives his all to be the best of the best. These are qualities that align with Kyrrex's own values. He is already in the top 3 of the current overall standings. He is also, by some distance, the best independent racer on the MotoGP circuit.

Pedro Acosta

Kyrrex ambassador Pedro Acosta

Pedro Acosta is a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer who competes in Moto2 for the Red Bull KTM Ajo team. He is best known for winning the Moto3 World Championship in 2021 in his first year as a professional. He also became the first rookie champion since Loris Capirossi in 1990 and the second-youngest champion in racing history.

Martin Di Nenno

Kyrrex ambassador Martin Di Nenno

Argentinian Martin Di Nenno is perhaps the most technical player in padel tennis. In 2021, he and his partner Paquito Navarro ranked third in the World Padel Tour world ranking. Martin has been racking up titles throughout his career and this year is no different. He consistently gets to the latter stages of tournaments and recently claimed the Vigo Open trophy.

Martin is an elite athlete and an even better human being. He oozes class and professionalism whenever he steps onto the court. His drive, work ethic and consistent quality performances firmly place him in the main basket of padel athletes. His most recent outstanding achievement was winning the Premier Padel Championship in Qatar, in March. His consistent record of excellence makes him an exemplary ambassador for Kyrrex.

Marco Cassetta

Kyrrex ambassador Marco Cassetta

Marco Cassetta is another up-and-coming Italian padel tennis player who is a Kyrrex Ambassador. Marco is on his way to global recognition. He is steadily gaining popularity among Italian fans and is one of the contenders to get into the main basket of athletes at Premier Padel and International Padel Federation tournaments.

Jack Doohan

Kyrrex ambassador Jack Doohan

Jack Doohan is an Australian racing driver. He currently competes in Formula 2 as a member of the Virtuosi Racing team and continues to fight for victory in every tournament. He joined the Red Bull youth team in 2017 and has been a member of the Alpine academy since 2021. This season has proven to be quite successful for Jack, as it was in the first half of 2022 that he took his first Formula 2 victory at Silverstone.

Just like Kyrrex, Jack is at the beginning of his journey towards future dominance in his field.

Co-Activities With Kyrrex

Kyrrex brand ambassadors include padel tennis, MotoGP, and Formula 2 athletes. This list is likely to grow as we expand into more areas and strive to connect with a bigger audience. In the meantime, the company tries to get the most out of current partnerships. We leverage our ambassadors' enduring popularity to engage and attract users through various contests, challenges and draws for valuable prizes with ambassadors.

Don't miss the opportunity to take part in the activities together with the talented athletes. Follow the social media updates of Kyrrex and each of the partners to stay up-to-date.


Our company's ambassadors continue to conquer new pedestals in cooperation with Kyrrex. Each of them has experienced ups and downs in their development. But obstacles do not stop true professionals; it motivates them to work harder. The company's representatives are living examples that success comes to the strong-willed and persistent.

In 2023 the company will continue to support athletes of all levels and present the platform's unique products to an audience of millions of sports fans. The best, for them and for us, is still to come.

Follow us on social media and the blog and be the first to know the latest updates about our brand ambassadors.

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