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Kyrrex Celebrates Five Years of Progress!

On September 3, 2023, Kyrrex celebrated an important milestone: our fifth anniversary. Five years in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency is an achievement that evokes a deep sense of pride. This date holds great importance to us. Over these years, we’ve been deeply committed to our mission, continually iterating and improving for the community.

Throughout this journey, we have strived to develop and introduce features that serve the evolving needs of our users. We have empowered businesses, providing them with the tools they need to launch and operate seamlessly in the crypto space. The introduction of the liquidity hub has ensured that trades are executed with speed and efficiency, creating a reliable trading environment.

Kyrrex's cooperation with the world of sports is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Among our respected ambassadors, we are honored to count elite athletes such as Jorge Martín from MotoGP, Martín Di Nenno, a padel top player, and others. This collaboration is deeply symbolic. These athletes, who stand at the peak of their sports, mirror our relentless passion for perfection.

We also have been part of history, observing meteoric rises in the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, navigating through moments of market turbulence, and witnessing the inception and demise of various startups and billion-dollar projects.

As we move forward, our vision for Kyrrex is crystal clear. The roadmap ahead is filled with ambitious plans, from expanding into new markets and acquiring more licenses to introducing more innovative trading projects. Each of these milestones will be realized thanks to the dedication of every team member. Special acknowledgment goes to our CEO, Kevin Plumpton, and the co-founders, Mykhailo Romanenko and Viktor Kochetov, whose leadership and vision guide our journey.

As we turn the page and step into a new chapter of Kyrrex’s story, we begin a fresh countdown, setting our sights on greater horizons.

Here's to the next chapter, to innovation, and to continued success!

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Unlocking the Importance of Liquidity in Crypto Trading

Have you ever wondered what makes crypto trading tick? It’s all about liquidity! In this blog post, we will delve into the importance of liquidity in crypto trading and how it compares to traditional finance. Get ready to unlock the secrets of this vital aspect of the trading world.

Short Summary

  • Liquidity in crypto trading is essential for efficient transactions, price determination, market stability and risk management.
  • Factors impacting liquidity include trading volume, the presence of market makers and regulatory environment.
  • Crypto trading liquidity has both similar features to traditional finance as well as distinct differences which should be Explored.

Understanding Liquidity in Crypto Trading

As in traditional financial markets, liquidity in crypto trading refers to the ease of buying or selling digital assets without significantly affecting their price. The concept of liquidity is crucial for the smooth operation of any market, be it the stock market or the cryptocurrency market. Factors such as market depth and bid-ask spread influence cryptocurrency liquidity, just as they do in stock markets.

A deep market with ample liquidity indicates a healthy market, allowing efficient trading and accurate price discovery. Conversely, low liquidity can pose challenges, such as increased slippage and price volatility, which can discourage investors and hinder market stability.

Market Depth

Market depth refers to the number of buy and sell orders available at different price levels, with higher depth indicating greater liquidity. Increased market depth is indicative of increased liquidity, as it suggests a higher level of trading activity and a more liquid market.

In other words, the more buy and sell orders that exist on the market, the easier it is for traders to execute their transactions efficiently without causing significant price fluctuations.

Bid-Ask Spread

The bid-ask spread is another crucial indicator of market liquidity in crypto trading. It represents the gap between the highest price a buyer is willing to pay and the lowest price a seller is willing to accept for a given digital asset. A narrower spread is indicative of increased liquidity, as it reflects a higher presence of buyers and sellers in the market.

A tighter spread facilitates faster and more efficient trading of assets at fair prices, ensuring that all market participants can execute their transactions without significant delays or price fluctuations.

Factors Affecting Cryptocurrency Liquidity

Cryptocurrency liquidity is influenced by various factors, including trading volume, market makers, and the regulatory environment. Understanding these factors is essential for traders and investors who wish to make well-informed decisions and navigate the often volatile crypto market with confidence.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors and how they impact liquidity in the crypto market.

Trading Volume

Trading volume is the amount of assets traded within a specific period of time, with greater volume indicating a higher level of liquidity. Increased trading volume implies heightened trading activity, which in turn suggests a more liquid market.

Identifying digital assets with high trading volume is one way to spot cryptocurrencies with high liquidity, as a large investor base and high trading activity are indicative of increased liquidity.

Market Makers

Market makers play a vital role in providing liquidity in crypto trading. These entities, which can include large banks, brokers, or hedge funds, place buy and sell orders in the market, thus ensuring sufficient liquidity to facilitate efficient trading and maintain price stability.

Market makers continuously quote bid-ask asset prices to keep the spreads within a certain range, making a profit from the bid-ask spread difference. By providing liquidity, market makers contribute to reduced slippage, improved price discovery, and enhanced market efficiency.

Regulatory Environment

The regulatory environment surrounding crypto trading can also have a significant impact on liquidity. Some ways in which regulations can affect liquidity include:

  • The amount of liquidity available in the market
  • The types of assets that can be traded
  • The cost of trading
  • The speed of trade executions

A favorable regulatory environment can encourage participation in the market, thereby increasing liquidity, while stringent regulations can discourage participation and lead to reduced liquidity.

The Role of Liquidity Providers in Crypto Trading

Liquidity providers play a crucial role in the crypto trading ecosystem by ensuring the availability of assets for trading and maintaining stable prices. These entities help to create a more efficient market, allowing traders and investors to execute their transactions without significant delays or price fluctuations.

Let’s explore the different types of liquidity providers and the incentives that encourage them to provide liquidity to the market.

Types of Liquidity Providers

In the crypto trading space, liquidity providers can be:

  • Institutional entities, such as large banks, brokers, or hedge funds
  • Individual or institutional investors providing capital to liquidity pools with crypto assets
  • Centralized exchanges (more traditional and regulated)
  • Decentralized exchanges (peer-to-peer and generally unregulated)

An example of a centralized exchange liquidity provider is Kyrrex Liquidity Hub which provides improved and centralized liquidity with seamless transaction matching, and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to exchanges and other crypto platforms. Its features include effortless crypto asset matching, sufficient order book liquidity, high-speed processing, minimized commission costs, and secure custodial storage for clients' funds. Liquidity through the Hub can be deployed directly or through other modes including market maker.

Automated market makers are computer programs that utilize algorithms to facilitate the matching of buyers and sellers, contributing to the overall liquidity of the market.

Incentives for Providing Liquidity

Liquidity providers can benefit from various incentives in the crypto trading ecosystem. For instance, they can earn transaction fees and token rewards for providing liquidity to trading pairs on exchanges. Additionally, liquidity providers may take advantage of yield farming incentives, which involve providing liquidity to a decentralized exchange or liquidity pool and receiving a share of the pool’s trading fees or rewards in return.

These incentives help to attract and retain liquidity providers, ensuring a stable and efficient market for all participants.

Benefits of High Liquidity in Crypto Trading

High liquidity in crypto trading offers several advantages for traders and investors alike. With ample liquidity, market participants can enjoy reduced slippage, better price discovery, and increased market efficiency, which are essential for smooth and profitable trading.

In the following sections, we will delve into each of these benefits and discuss their implications for the crypto market.

Reduced Slippage

Reduced slippage is one of the key benefits of high liquidity in crypto trading. With more buyers and sellers in the market, large orders can be executed without significantly impacting the asset’s price, leading to more favorable execution prices for traders.

This is particularly important for investors with sizable positions, as it allows them to enter or exit the market with minimal price impact, thereby maximizing their potential returns.

Better Price Discovery

High liquidity also leads to better price discovery, ensuring that assets are traded at fair market value and preventing potential price manipulation. In a highly liquid market, the presence of more buyers and sellers helps to establish an accurate price for each asset based on market activity.

This is essential for a stable and efficient market, as it allows traders and investors to execute their transactions at prices that accurately reflect the true value of the underlying assets.

Increased Market Efficiency

Lastly, high liquidity contributes to increased market efficiency, allowing for:

  • Smoother transactions
  • A more stable trading environment
  • Accelerated transaction times
  • More efficient bid-ask spreads
  • More efficient pricing
  • Reduced slippage

This creates a more favorable trading atmosphere for all market participants.

Challenges of Low Liquidity in Crypto Trading

While high liquidity offers numerous benefits, low liquidity in crypto trading can pose several challenges. These challenges include increased slippage, price volatility, and limited trading opportunities, which can discourage new investors from entering the market and hinder overall market stability.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these challenges and their implications for the crypto trading landscape.

Increased Slippage

Increased slippage is a common challenge in low-liquidity crypto trading environments. As fewer buyers and sellers are available on the market, large orders can have a significant impact on the asset’s price, resulting in unfavorable execution prices for traders.

This can be particularly detrimental for investors with large positions, as it can erode their potential returns and increase their exposure to market risk.

Price Volatility

Low liquidity can also lead to price volatility, as sudden price swings can occur due to low trading volume. Price volatility can be both a blessing and a curse for traders, as it offers potential profit opportunities but also introduces the risk of unpredictable price shifts.

In a low-liquidity market, price volatility can be exacerbated, making it more challenging for traders and investors to navigate the market and execute their transactions with confidence.

Limited Trading Opportunities

Finally, limited trading opportunities can arise from low liquidity in the crypto market. With fewer buyers and sellers available, it can be difficult for traders to find suitable trading opportunities that align with their strategies and risk tolerance.

This can discourage new investors from entering the market and potentially hinder overall market growth and stability.

Comparing Crypto Trading Liquidity to Traditional Finance

Crypto trading liquidity shares both similarities and differences with traditional finance, such as stock and forex markets. While both markets rely on liquidity for smooth transactions, price discovery, and market stability, the decentralized nature of crypto markets, the role of liquidity providers, and the impact of regulatory environments set them apart.

Let’s explore these similarities and differences in more detail.


One of the key similarities between crypto trading liquidity and traditional finance is the importance of liquidity for efficient transactions, price determination, and market stability. Both markets, including fiat currencies, operate on the principle of supply and demand, with buyers and sellers interacting to establish the fair market value of assets.

Additionally, both markets experience risks and volatility associated with trading, as well as comparable transaction experiences and user interfaces.


The main difference between crypto trading liquidity and traditional finance lies in the decentralized nature of crypto markets. Unlike traditional finance, crypto markets operate without a central authority or intermediary, relying on a network of interconnected computers to facilitate trading and secure transactions.

Additionally, the role of liquidity providers in crypto trading differs from their role in traditional finance, with liquidity providers in the crypto space including centralized exchanges, decentralized exchanges, and automated market makers.

Lastly, the regulatory environment surrounding crypto trading can have a significant impact on liquidity, with regulations in various countries affecting the availability of assets for trading, as well as the cost and speed of trade execution.


In conclusion, liquidity is a vital aspect of the crypto trading ecosystem, with high liquidity offering numerous benefits such as reduced slippage, better price discovery, and increased market efficiency. Understanding the factors affecting cryptocurrency liquidity, as well as the role of liquidity providers and the similarities and differences between crypto trading liquidity and traditional finance, is crucial for traders and investors looking to navigate the ever-evolving world of digital assets. With this knowledge in hand, you’re now better equipped to make well-informed decisions and capitalize on the exciting opportunities that crypto trading has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is high liquidity good or bad in crypto?

High liquidity in crypto is generally seen as a good sign as it indicates a deep and stable market with low price changes. It also makes it easier to buy and sell digital assets at reasonable prices without having to worry about liquidity issues.

How does liquidity work crypto?

Liquidity in cryptocurrency markets is achieved through the use of order books and market participation. Liquidity pools act as a reserve for digital assets, providing liquidity to speed up transactions for decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Liquidity also refers to the ease with which tokens can be swapped or converted into fiat currencies.

What are the main factors affecting cryptocurrency liquidity?

Cryptocurrency liquidity is heavily influenced by trading volume, the presence of market makers and applicable regulations.

Market makers are entities that provide liquidity to the market by placing buy and sell orders. They are usually large financial institutions or professional traders. Regulations can also affect liquidity, as certain jurisdictions may also affect liquidity.

What are some key differences between crypto trading liquidity and traditional finance?

Crypto trading liquidity is different from traditional finance in that it is decentralized, involves liquidity providers, and is subject to varying regulatory environments.

These differences can have a significant impact on the trading experience, from the types of assets available to the speed of transactions. For example, decentralized exchanges are often faster and more secure than centralized exchanges, but they may not offer the same features as centralized exchanges.

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Access All the Benefits of Cardano (ADA) on the Kyrrex Platform

Kyrrex keeps pushing boundaries to provide its users with an innovative and comprehensive cryptocurrency trading experience. Recently, we delighted our customers by introducing NEAR and ALGO. Today, we're thrilled to announce another significant addition to our platform – Cardano (ADA).

Diving into the world of Cardano

Cardano is not your average cryptocurrency. Launched in 2017 by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, Cardano distinguishes itself from the pack with a unique focus on scientific philosophy and a research-driven approach.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Cardano is its dual-layer architecture. This structure separates the ledger of account values from the reason why values are moved from one account to the other. This distinction leads to greater security, flexibility, and scalability, making Cardano a promising addition to our platform.

With a market capitalization of approximately $10 billion, Cardano holds a significant position in the cryptocurrency landscape. Of the total supply of 45 billion ADA, around 35 billion are currently in circulation.

Exploring new trading opportunities with Cardano on Kyrrex

As a Kyrrex user, you now have the opportunity to deposit, withdraw, and trade ADA coins directly from your Kyrrex account. Moreover, we're launching the ADA-USDT trading pair, allowing you to effortlessly trade between Cardano and Tether, based on market trends and your personal trading strategy.

To interact with this asset, simply go to your personal Dashboard and select the desired function, such as trading, exchanging, depositing, sending, or storing in the Kyrrex wallet. If you haven't done so already, please register and verify your profile.

Continued growth and success at Kyrrex

While we're excited about adding Cardano, it's just one of many recent developments at Kyrrex. We've successfully undergone another ISO certification, further reinforcing our commitment to security and best business practices. Our ambassadors have recently brought home significant victories at the MotoGP/Moto2 Grand Prix in Germany and Italy. Simultaneously, our ambassadors shone at the World Padel Tour, bringing the Kyrrex brand to the forefront of the sports world.

Looking ahead, we're excited about what the future holds for Kyrrex. We'll continue to expand and refine our platform, incorporating the most innovative and exciting cryptocurrencies and features to provide you with an unparalleled trading experience.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Unleashing the Power of AVAX TradingView and AVAX USDT: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Avax

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency, Avalanche (AVAX) has emerged as a prominent player, offering a high-performance blockchain platform for decentralized applications (dApps) and financial services. As AVAX gains traction, it becomes essential for traders and investors to understand the tools and opportunities available to them. This article explores two crucial aspects of AVAX: AVAX tradingview and AVAX USDT, and how they can enhance your trading experience with Kyrrex crypto trading platform.

1. AVAX TradingView: Empowering Traders with Advanced Charting Tools

AVAX tradingview is a powerful charting platform that enables users to analyze AVAX price movements, identify trends, and make informed trading decisions. Here's why AVAX tradingview is a game-changer for traders:

a. Real-time Data Analysis: AVAX TradingView provides real-time market data, allowing traders to monitor AVAX's price, trading volume, and other essential indicators instantly. This information is crucial for identifying patterns, making accurate predictions, and timing entry and exit points.

b. Advanced Charting Tools: With AVAX tradingview, you gain access to a wide range of technical analysis tools, such as trendlines, Fibonacci retracements, moving averages, and more. These tools help traders assess market sentiment, identify support and resistance levels, and execute trades based on well-founded strategies.

c. Customizable Alerts: AVAX tradingview allows you to set up custom alerts based on price levels, technical indicators, and other criteria. These alerts can notify you when specific conditions are met, ensuring you never miss crucial trading opportunities.

d. Social Trading: AVAX tradingview offers a social trading feature, enabling users to follow and interact with other traders. You can learn from experienced traders, share insights, and gain inspiration from successful trading strategies.

2. AVAX USDT: Simplifying AVAX's Trading and Stability

AVAX USDT is a trading pair that links AVAX with Tether (USDT), a popular stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Here's why AVAX USDT is advantageous for traders:

a. Reduced Volatility Risk

Cryptocurrencies are known for their price volatility, which can make trading challenging. AVAX USDT provides stability by offering a trading pair with a stablecoin like USDT. Traders can temporarily move their AVAX holdings to USDT during volatile market conditions to mitigate risk.

b. Easy Conversion

AVAX USDT allows for seamless conversion between AVAX and USDT. This feature enables traders to quickly enter or exit positions, take advantage of price movements, and navigate the market efficiently.

c. Wider Market Access

By trading AVAX against USDT, you gain exposure to a more extensive market. USDT is widely accepted on various cryptocurrency exchanges, providing additional liquidity and trading opportunities for AVAX.

d. Diversification Strategy

AVAX USDT offers traders a diversification tool by adding a stablecoin to their portfolio. This approach helps balance risk, especially during periods of heightened market uncertainty.


As AVAX gains popularity and becomes an integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, leveraging tools like AVAX TradingView and AVAX USDT is essential for traders and investors. AVAX TradingView equips you with advanced charting capabilities, real-time data analysis, and customizable alerts, empowering you to make well-informed trading decisions. AVAX USDT, on the other hand, provides stability, easy conversion, and access to a broader market. By embracing these tools, you position yourself for success in the exciting world of AVAX trading.

Remember, always conduct thorough research, stay updated with market news, and consult with financial professionals before making any investment decisions.

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What are Crypto Gaming Coins?

Crypto in gaming remains one of the most innovative blockchain application use cases. Since its introduction, developers have come up with more creative ways to boost user appreciation of the crypto industry and improve the convenience of earning money. Game coins are among the most popular cryptos, going head-to-head with NFTs in terms of appeal.

To effectively utilize these gaming crypto coins, you should understand what they are, how they work, and the best ones available at the moment.

What is Crypto Gaming?

Crypto gaming is the fundamental application of cryptocurrencies in online gaming. It encompasses everything that connects gaming with cryptocurrencies, including the valuation of gaming assets and how these assets encourage a more profitable approach to gaming activities.

Crypto gaming involves the creation of digital assets that represent in-game items such as items, characters, and even user experiences. It allows users to exchange some of these assets for specific crypto coins created for each game.

Through crypto gaming, users can access a wider range of opportunities to utilize cryptocurrencies directly or indirectly. Direct crypto usage refers to immersive experiences for the user, such as engaging in virtual missions, competing with other users, and more. Indirect crypto usage involves purchasing in-game assets from active crypto gamers and selling these assets to other gamers.

Types of Crypto Gaming

Crypto gaming operates on game finance (GameFi), which is a subset of decentralized finance (DeFi) focused on virtual gaming. As the applications of crypto gaming continue to evolve with the introduction of various types of crypto gaming, understanding each type has become an asset in itself.

Among the most popular of the different types of crypto gaming are adventure gaming, social trading, and crypto gambling.

1. Adventure Crypto Gaming

Adventure gaming is the most common type of crypto gaming. As the name suggests, users create game avatars that become part of a virtual narrative and embark on missions, participate in tournaments, and engage in various activities found in traditional adventure games. The exciting aspect of this type of crypto gaming is the ability to compete with other users and even form teams with friends.

Adventure-type crypto gaming usually relies heavily on NFTs. By acquiring in-game items such as medals and role-playing game coins, users can accumulate enough game coins in the form of tokens. Each token can be sold on specified NFT marketplaces or exchanged via peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, depending on the sophistication of the gaming platform.

Examples of this type of crypto gaming include Fight Out, Axie Infinity, and Vireye. Users can earn cryptocurrencies through rewards.

2. Crypto Gambling

Crypto gambling operates similarly to traditional gambling, but the stakes are measured in cryptocurrencies. While the crypto projects in this market may not be as prominent as adventure gaming, they are equally appealing. The profits can be high and frequent, but so are the risks. However, crypto gambling is exciting and encompasses more than just the exchange of NFTs.

What sets crypto gambling apart is its low-entry barrier. Users can place bets on sports outcomes through P2P channels without having to go through centralized or decentralized platforms. Although platforms exist to ensure user convenience and the security of stakes, ethical considerations often limit their popularity.

Lucky Block, Wild.io, and Fairspin are some of the major players in the crypto gambling industry. They provide users with opportunities to ‘win’ cryptocurrencies by staking them instead of trading.

3. Social Trading

Social trading represents the inclusive aspect of crypto gaming. Instead of focusing on specific areas of gaming, such as virtual gambling or adventure-seeking, social trading brings everything together. Crypto gamers who are also social traders utilize innovative platforms to trade game tokens while benefiting from tournaments and platform liquidity.

Specialized gaming platforms serve as the core of social trading, acting as the main engines for integrating the user’s gaming interest with their interest in crypto trading.

LOTTRADE is an example of a social trading platform. It is designed as a universal NFT/DEX/CEX gaming tournament platform, providing users with access to a global community of enthusiastic gamers. Each user joins tournaments and receives prizes based on their ranking. Furthermore, the platform recognizes, rewards, and promotes trading skills.

Top Gaming Crypto Coins and Platforms


LOTTRADE is a top-ranking crypto gaming platform due to its extensive community, high-profit potential, and flexible architecture. The platform supports fair tournament smart contracts, attractive liquidity pools, and a transparent governance and staking protocol. Users appreciate the platform as it can be used for both crypto gaming and trading.

The LOTTRADE token, LOTT, serves multiple purposes. It can be used directly as tournament fees, as a commission for minting NFTs, for lending, or for governance and staking. Owning the token opens up a world of new crypto user communities, tournaments, and opportunities for lucrative gaming and trading.

2# Runiverse

Runiverse functions similarly to other crypto gaming platforms, but it challenges users to compete based on the performance of the crypto market. The platform’s selling point is its ability to enable cross-metaverse gaming, allowing users to compete with their rivals across virtual metaverses. Furthermore, users participate in an engaging racing narrative that is exciting, fun-filled, and immersive.

To participate in the platform, users need the Runiverse token (RUNY). With this token, they can take part in various racing tournaments and have a chance to win enticing prizes.

3# Vireye

Vireye is a well-designed crypto gaming platform focused on epic adventures and fantasy. It offers advanced and engaging world-building elements that allow users to fully immerse themselves in the narratives. With captivating adventures, character customization, and lifelike in-game dialogues, users have as much fun gaming as they do monetizing their experiences.

The Vireye Game Studio focuses on creating unforgettable experiences for the new generation. Once fully fledged, users will have their choice of blockchain games to play based on their unique predilections. Be it adventure, RPG, action, rogue or puzzle, everything can be found under the Vireye Games umbrella.

In time, the Vireye will implement a token which will serve as the entrance requirement for the platform and the primary exchange currency for in-game assets. With this token, users can enter the virtual magical world, featuring an engaging combat system and visually appealing graphics

Whether it is LOTT, RUNY, or the Vireye tokens, users can participate in captivating tournaments. These tournaments offer the best of crypto gaming, helping users maximize their gaming experience and profit-making potential.

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Kyrrex Adds NEAR and ALGO to Its Crypto Lineup

At Kyrrex, we're dedicated to providing an ever-evolving and enhanced user experience, and this commitment is evident in our continuous efforts to improve and expand our platform. We are thrilled to announce the addition of two new coins, ALGO and NEAR, to our crypto platform as a result of our active work.

With this expansion, you can now further enhance your crypto experience by utilizing these newly added assets for cryptocurrency trading and storage.

Let's explore the exciting new features and assets now available on Kyrrex!

Unveiling the Potentials of NEAR and ALGO

NEAR and ALGO coins have shown tremendous promise and have been gaining significant traction in the cryptocurrency space.

You can now make deposits and withdrawals using these newly added currencies on the Kyrrex platform. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to quickly trade these cryptocurrencies with USDT, adding a new dimension to your trading experience and providing you with more opportunities to explore and succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

To interact with these assets, simply go to your personal Dashboard and select the desired function, such as trading, exchanging, depositing, sending, or storing in the Kyrrex wallet.

Introducing ALGO

Algorand, established in 2017 by Turing Prize winner and MIT professor Silvio Micali, is a blockchain platform designed to establish a transparent system of decentralized finance.

The native cryptocurrency of this platform, ALGO, serves multiple purposes, including staking, transaction fees, relay node operations, and functioning as a management token. In 2022, ALGO achieved a position among the top 50 coins by market capitalization. Now, the coin is also available on the Kyrrex platform.

With its total supply of 10 billion coins pre-mined, ALGO presents a unique investment opportunity.

Introducing NEAR

NEAR Protocol is a smart contract platform developed to facilitate the development of decentralized applications.

The platform's native cryptocurrency, NEAR, holds a crucial position within the network, functioning as the medium for all transactions, as well as for staking by validator nodes and delegating participants.

NEAR has established itself as one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies based on total capitalization, making it a promising addition to any investor's portfolio.

Asset Diversification on Kyrrex

In the ever-fluctuating cryptocurrency market of 2023, asset diversification is crucial for both novice and experienced crypto traders and investors. That is why Kyrrex is fully committed to expanding the range of cryptocurrencies we offer. By doing so, we aim to empower our users to navigate the ever-evolving market conditions, mitigating potential risks and capitalizing on promising opportunities.

The addition of ALGO and NEAR to our platform not only expands your investment options but also enhances your portfolio diversification capabilities.

This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to equipping users with the necessary tools to confidently manage their investments in the dynamic crypto landscape.

Kyrrex’s Current Opportunities and Forthcoming Projects

As we continue to develop and introduce new features, Kyrrex stays committed to delivering a superior trading experience. Currently, we provide access to 23 cryptocurrency pairs, a functional trading terminal with analysis tools, and flexible tools such as our liquidity hub for institutional clients.

With our ongoing advancements and more coming soon, we are consistently pushing the boundaries of the cryptocurrency landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates as we shape the future of cryptocurrency trading!

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Implications of the Google Authenticator Update

Everyone is concerned about online security, convenience, and other features of cloud-enabled platforms. Cloud syncing can help you maintain security across multiple devices and platforms, but inadequate security provisions are risky and can make you more vulnerable to online attacks. The recent update to Google Authenticator requires extra caution, especially regarding the safety of your crypto assets and other online valuables.

The Value of Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator enhances online security as a two-factor authentication (2FA) application, creating a virtual shield around your online accounts. When attempting to log in to such accounts, the app sends a time-based one-time password (OTP) to your mobile device. Successful login requires the verification of the generated OTP.

Thus, Google Authenticator excels in the following areas:

1- Enhancing Online Security with Time-based Authentication

Google Authenticator significantly complicates attempts to breach online accounts. When you integrate any of your accounts with the app, every attempt to log in to these accounts would require your approval. As the app is installed on your mobile device, only you can authorize logins. Without entering the generated OTP, which Google sends exclusively to the device that has the app installed, login attempts will fail.

2- Offline and Independent Operation

Google Authenticator functions both online and offline. After activating the app on an account using a QR code or secret key provided by Google, the app automatically generates OTPs. Therefore, you don’t need to be connected to the internet all the time to use the app. The randomly generated code digits, valid for 30 to 60 seconds, make it challenging for hackers to breach your accounts via the app since they can only use online means to attempt it.

3- Extensive Usability

You can use Google Authenticator for multiple accounts. For example, if you are a data analyst on a freelance platform and a crypto trader, you can activate Google Authenticator on both platforms. The code generation engine that is part of the app on your mobile phone is separate for each platform, ensuring that the app doesn’t generate the same OTP for multiple accounts. This makes it very convenient to use Google Authenticator to boost the original security layout of these accounts.

The New Google Authenticator Update

The recent update to Google Authenticator introduces the ability to sync 2FA codes with your Google account. This feature facilitates access to your 2FA codes in case you ever lose the device with Google Authenticator. So, Google has devised a means for you to store a one-time code securely, enabling authentication without relying solely on the device with the running authenticator app.

Purpose and Pros of the Update

The update aims to enhance the security of your account and provide more convenient authentication options. With the update, you gain greater control over your online accounts, eliminating the difficulties inherent in moving about with the device with Google Authenticator just so you can approve account logins whenever you need to.

So, the update strengthens the extra layer of security provided by Google Authenticator’s linkage to your online accounts. It improves the authorization process while simultaneously protecting accounts from unauthorized access.

Google initially excluded this feature due to concerns about possible breaches of user accounts. Hackers who gain access to your Google account could potentially obtain authentication rights over all accounts linked to the app. As such, it is a matter of increasing convenience and the quality of security, but also reducing the efforts that hackers would need to breach your online accounts.

Laying out the Downsides to the Update

The main drawback of the new update is the increased potential risk of unauthorized access to accounts linked to Authenticator. Without enabling the update, you can only approve access to these accounts from a single device. However, with the update with syncs 2FA security across as many devices as have your Google account running, you are more vulnerable to hackers.

If a hacker gains access to your Google account, they automatically gain access to every account linked to Google Authenticator. With the one-time code stored in your Google account, they can gain access to everything else.

This poses a threat to users with crypto assets, especially those who secure their crypto accounts with Google Authenticator and turn on cloud sync. For them, hackers no longer need to target accounts individually; they can focus on hacking the Google account and use the one-time 2FA code to authorize attempts to steal assets.

User Reactions and Considerations

Regarding the update, some users have provided positive feedback. They no longer need to carry a mobile device solely for Google Authenticator or write down secret codes. Instead, they can easily authorize account access from any of their devices, provided they can access their Google account.

However, other users are concerned about the implications, especially the perceived increased ease with which hackers can breach their crypto accounts. While the increased risk is currently hypothetical, the average user is apprehensive. Previously, hackers would need to breach multiple crypto accounts individually, but now they potentially gain access to all of them by compromising a user’s Google account.


It is important to note that the Google Authenticator update is optional. You are not required to install it. This is a relief in and of itself. However, your decision will impact how you use the app going forward.

Enabling the update offers greater convenience for authorizing access to linked accounts but also exposes you to the potential risk of losing your cryptos if your Google account is successfully breached.

Kyrrex's Recommendations

The most practical choice is to keep your authenticator app as it is and not enable the new update. This way, although you will miss out on the improved convenience of account login authorization, you will also avoid the increased risk of losing all your assets. Enabling the feature makes the risk of losing your crypto assets from hacker activity more likely.

Thus, we recommend that you choose security over convenience. The risk of losing all your crypto assets to one successful breach is too great.

More more useful articles keep tuned via Kyrrex Blog.

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Top 5 Cheap Crypto to Buy Now Below 1 USD

2023 is shaping up to be a big year for tech. ChatGPT may be at the forefront of this transformation, but it is not the only big deal. New applications and use cases for AI, quantum computing, and augmented reality, to name a few, are coming into the picture. But blockchain technology is by no means left behind. Therefore, there are far more opportunities for crypto investors now than before. Of course, this is only true for investors that have foresight and can make smart decisions from relevant information.

This article lists 5 crypto options that are valued below 1 USD that you should check out. Each of these options is very likely to explode in value before the end of the year 2023.

Why You Should Care About Which Cheap Crypto Will Explode

There are two main reasons you should care about getting the best cheap crypto to buy in 2023. The first has to do with the increased ease with which novel technological innovations are applied in finance. The second has to do with the equally rising difficulty required to enter and retain profitable investment spots.

  • Rapid Tech Transformation

Tech development has been rapidly progressing, especially since the COVID lockdown. Possibly related to the subsequent isolation, radical software applications are all over the internet. The aforementioned quantum computing is just one of many. Even so, crypto remains an exclusive application because of its stand in the finance sector. Therefore, in the future envisioned for even the most radical tech, crypto has a strong presence.

Now that tech funding is shifting in favor of ICOs and decentralization of ownership, it would be advantageous to get in on the action as soon as possible. Delaying to identify cheap crypto to buy might result in significant potential losses over time since the value of these coins will increase before long.

  • Tightening of the Best Investment Spots

ChatGPT is currently one of the leading tech innovations. With it, even novice investors can quickly identify profitable cryptos using predictive algorithms. This means that the earlier an investor pegs the opportunities in the changing crypto market, the better their prospects. So, unless you run a multinational and can sway your board of directors towards investing an incalculable sum in crypto, you are better off specifying cryptos that are currently cheap.

If you can snatch good spots for yourself now, you are likely to get significant returns before the end of the year. Thus, in comparing the subsequent cryptos which are currently valued at less than 1 USD, you can position yourself for the best crypto ROI for 2023.

Top 7 Crypto Below 1 USD in 2023

1# Kyrrex

Despite appearing like a run-of-the-mill crypto, Kyrrex (KRRX) is anything but. The network is extensive and generally regarded as serving as the framework for the first global digital bank. Compared to other cryptos that link blockchain services to users, KRRX is more useful because it represents a change in the way crypto platforms operate and the digital options they offer users in addition to traditional banking.

KRRX is currently priced at $0.1768. In 2021, the crypto peaked at $1.0438. In 2022, it peaked at around $0.6306. In 2023 so far, the value of KRRX token has reached $0.4898, suggesting that the current $0.1768 is nowhere close to its peak in the last 6 to 12 months.

If for nothing else, KRRX has great prospects because of its extensive usability. The Kyrrex network functions across multiple sectors and industries and is gaining wide popularity among sports lovers, tech lovers, and committed crypto investors. As a result of these factors and the many alliances that have been formed based on the recognition of KRRX’s profitability prospects, the crypto is likely the best cheap crypto to buy now.

To purchase KRRX, first sign up. After you create an account, you can get the Kyrrex wallet running on your smartphone and web-browsing device. Buying KRRX is equivalent to investing in a crypto enterprise that is guaranteed to give you appetizing returns in the shortest time possible.

2# Hedera Hashgraph

Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is a leading crypto with its blockchain and consensus algorithm. Focused on boosting transaction speed and cost, the crypto is scaled to amplify the efficiency of smart contracts and even file storage. Despite using the proof-of-stake (POS) consensus mechanism, the Hedera network is designed to be secure and offer its users the best privacy and control privileges possible.

HBAR is currently priced at approximately $0.05226. Although the price has been fluctuating, it climbed to as high as $0.4769 in 2021 and $0.2616 in 2022. Even with the bad news of global inflationary pressure, the value of HBAR was recently priced around $0.08. Thus, it is clear that the token is likely to gain even before the end of the first half of 2023.

HBAR has a lot of room within which to grow in the coming months. The primary reason for this is its increasingly influential governing council with giants like Google, IBM, Dell, and LG, among many others. As these businesses integrate even further with the crypto industry, the value of HBAR will continue to peak.

Thus, HBAR is one of the best cheap cryptos to look out for in 2023. Even with stronger and more innovative crypto mechanisms on board, HBAR stands a good chance of competing with the top 10 cryptos before the end of the year.

3# Radix

The Radix crypto (XRD) is at the forefront of cryptos centered around pushing the boundaries of financial tech and applications. From the beginning, the watchword for the platform was ‘decentralization’ and that helped it develop a strong ‘DeFi’ Engine and Cerberus consensus. Thus, XRD fits into the current crypto space even with Web3 applications on the horizon, especially with Scrypto, the platform’s specially-developed asset-oriented programming language.

XRD is currently priced at approximately $0.07537. The value of the crypto peaked at $0.6209 in 2021 and $0.2571 in 2022. Despite falling to as low as $0.04 in 2023, it rose to $0.141 in April of 2023. Thus, XRD has good prospects for investors, particularly now that its value is priced at $0.075.

For the immediate/short-term growth prospects of XRD, several factors have to be considered. Among these are the launching of high-profile initiatives such as the Babylon mainnet.

In other words, as the Radix network increases its appeal to the ‘grassroots’ crypto development community, more applications will be developed which will require the use of XRD. So, users with the XRD token have an open ticket to making good profits from these applications.

4# Algorand

The Algorand crypto (ALGO) is another token centered around offering extensive blockchain services to interested users. Even though the network’s mainnet only became active in 2019, the token runs on a platform that prioritizes transaction speed and security over everything else. Moreover, the platform’s transaction fees are low relative to other POS blockchains, making the ALGO crypto more desirable.

At present, ALGO is priced at $0.163. The token went as high as $2.3811 in 2021 and $1.7882 in 2022. As for 2023, it has already climbed to $0.29 before falling to its present value, hinting at possible price advancements in the future.

ALGO was designed around a system that does not support mining. Devoid of this energy-intensive process, the token is one of those alleviating environmental concerns for crypto operations. Considering the still-growing global interest in environmental sustainability, the token will likely continue to grow in value now that more multinational companies are adhering to CSR (corporate social responsibility) practices.

Ultimately, ALGO is a token that you can buy cheaply now in preparation for an explosion in value in a short while.

5# Cardano

Where most cryptos are centered around economic reforms, Cardano (ADA) has strong interests in the political aspects of the industry and market. Specifically, the token was designed to equalize profitability prospects for users hoping to inspire or promote positive changes in the world. Consequently, owning the ADO token is thought to be equivalent to believing in a fair and secure society.

ADO is currently priced at approximately $0.3713, suggesting a fairly high valuation. As of 2021, the crypto was priced as high as $2.9664 at one time, although it fell to the peak price of $1.1858 in 2022. As for 2023, ADO has gotten to $0.4533, showing that it can still rise far higher than what it is at present.

One of the selling points of ADO is that it relies on peer-reviewed research for the development of the technologies that drive the Cardano platform and project. As a result, the token is considered to be stable compared to many others, and thus reliable.

Any crypto below 1 USD listed in this article presents a way to invest and make money in the short and long term in the crypto market. As long as you buy one or two of them, you are sure to make a good profit without worrying about the fluctuations inherent in crypto valuation.

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What is an Athlete Token?

In recent years, the world of sports has seen a new trend emerge - athlete tokens. Athlete tokens are digital assets that are issued by individual athletes or sports teams to their fans and investors. These tokens represent a stake in the athlete's future earnings potential and can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. But what exactly is an athlete token, and how does it work?

How Athlete Tokens Work

An athlete token is a type of digital token that is created on a blockchain network. The blockchain network ensures that the token is secure, transparent, and decentralized or centralized. Each athlete token represents a share in the future earnings of the athlete or sports team. When an athlete or sports team issues a token, they sell a portion of their future earnings to investors in exchange for the tokens.

The tokens can then be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, allowing investors to buy, sell, and trade them as they would with any other digital asset. As the athlete or sports team earns money from their various sources of income (e.g., salaries, sponsorships, and endorsements), the investors receive a portion of the profits in proportion to the number of tokens they hold.

Benefits of Athlete Tokens

One of the main benefits of athlete tokens is that they provide a new way for fans to support their favourite athletes or teams. By purchasing tokens, fans can invest in the success of their favourite athletes and potentially earn a profit in the process. Additionally, athlete tokens can provide athletes with a new way to fund their careers or raise money for charitable causes.

Athlete tokens also provide a level of transparency that is not always present in traditional sports finance. With athlete tokens, investors can see exactly how much money an athlete or sports team is earning and receive a proportional share of those earnings. This transparency can help build trust between fans, investors, and athletes. For example Kyrrex Sport provides variety of mentioned investing opportopportunities.

Risks of Athlete Tokens

Despite the potential benefits of athlete tokens, there are also risks involved. One of the main risks is that the value of the tokens may not necessarily correlate with the athlete's earnings potential. Like any investment, the value of athlete tokens can fluctuate based on market demand and other factors, which means investors may not always see a return on their investment.

There is also the risk of fraud, as with any investment opportunity. Investors must be cautious and conduct their own research before investing in athlete tokens to ensure that they are legitimate and that the athlete or sports team has a solid track record of earnings potential.

Final Thoughts

Athlete tokens represent an exciting new development in the world of sports finance. By offering fans and investors a new way to support their favourite athletes and teams, athlete tokens have the potential to revolutionize the way that sports financing works. However, as with any investment opportunity, it is important to conduct thorough research and exercise caution before investing in athlete tokens.

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