Guide: How to Add Coin or Token to Trust Wallet

How to add crypto coins and tokens to trust wallet

In this article we are going to guide you with step by step procedure of adding, editing tokens to your Trustwallet

How to Add a Custom Token to Trustwallet?

We are here to help you with adding KRRX token to your Trust Wallet app. KRRX is a native token of a quite-known crypto trading platform - Kyrrex. So, what’s the reason for investors and traders adding the token to Trust Wallet? It provides many features to its holders like decreasing trading commissions, stacking, and the possibility to catch the token’s growth from the beginning.

Kyrrex is a crypto exchange company regulated by Malta and Estonia authorities. So, investing in its native token can be a profitable bet even during a short period of time. As we can see, KRRX provides many outstanding possibilities. Trust Wallet supports many blockchains and over one thousand crypto tokens. The system keeps providing us with brand new chains/tokens every week. 

By default, Trust Wallet allows us to work with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance (BNB). So, what should you do if you need an extra token in your crypto wallet?

There are several simple steps to do it.

Step 1: Click on the manage button

The manage button is located in upper right corner of your Trust wallet app. Clicking on it will give you access to the app's Menu.

trust wallet menu

Step 2: Adding Custom Token

When you are on the Manage page, please, scroll down the list. You have to click an “Add Custom Token” button to add an extra coin to the list. 

add custom token to trustwallet

Step 3: Choosing Tron network

We have to be sure that the support network is Tron (TRC20). If it’s already Tron, no changes needed.


If not, pick the Tron network from the list. 


Step 4: fill out the contract address

You have to fill out the contract address: (TEL7oQ42fjSSYK9GobdRfQ5odkXdLqVBHF). The rest of the data like Name, Symbol, and Decimals will be autofilled. If not, we have to fill them manually than click Save.


Step 5: Completion

Now, you’re good! Everything is set just right. If not, please, contact the technical support. As we can see, adding a custom token in the Trust Wallet is simple. 

So, you are set to invest in the KRRX tokens and catch shining profits with Kyrrex. 

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The Benefits of Using a Self-Custodial Wallet Like Trust Wallet

Like traditional finance, handling cryptocurrency is ultimately about making, using, and keeping money. When it comes to your funds in crypto, you need to know and sensibly decide how and who gets to keep it for you.

With the rise of decentralized applications, DeFi and web3, cryptocurrency custody has attained more importance. This is because how you store your digital funds directly affects how you interact with the many blockchain applications that exist on numerous decentralized networks and demand your attention.

Meanwhile, unlike traditional bank accounts that are mostly confined to legal borders, your cryptocurrencies can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world. And if you can store these assets in a self-custodial wallet, you can be said to have gained control of your crypto assets. Therefore, you can use them as you see fit.

So, what is a self-custodial wallet and how do you benefit from using one? Here, we explore this topic and explain how Trust Wallet is arguably the best self-custodial wallet out there.

Overview of Self-Custodial Wallets

The concept of self-custodial wallets is self-evident. The concept is rooted in two complementary definitions: self-custodial and wallet. The idea of something as self-custodial refers to that thing having full control of its own belongings. Within the cryptocurrency context, self-custodial is having complete control of your crypto assets, kind of like being the manager of the bank in charge of your money.

Wallet, of course, means wallet. Therefore, a self-custodial wallet is a digital ‘purse’ where you can keep your crypto assets. Obviously, unless you are a genius developer and succeeded in creating a software application that serves as a crypto wallet, you would still need to rely on third-party developers to provide self-custodial wallets. In this sense, you are sort of renting the application and turning it into a wallet that you can use for the safekeeping of your cryptocurrency.

There are many popular self-custodial wallets around. Some of these only function as normal wallets or bank accounts, and therefore have no other value. Others are more wide-ranging in their application and might even directly increase the odds of your realizing more returns on your crypto assets.

Benefits of Using Self-Custodial Wallets Like Trust Wallets

1- Extensive Support of Multiple Blockchain Networks and Crypto Assets

Self-custodial wallets typically value the security of user assets above characteristics such as transaction speed, cost of custodial service, and options for asset withdrawal. Thus, it is normal for these crypto wallets to isolate their operations from the mainstream networks. This way, they can avoid potential attacks from hackers targeting mainstream blockchain networks. But Trust Wallet is different. Despite its popularity, it runs as a bridge across many blockchain networks. As a result, you can add tokens and other crypto assets belonging to more than 60 different blockchain networks to Trust Wallet.

The primary benefit of Trust Wallet’s extensive support of multiple blockchain networks and crypto assets is that you can store all your crypto assets in it, regardless of whether they are tokens from chain A or chain B. This helps you better organize your portfolio and keep track of all your assets inside one digital pocket.

2- Innovative Security Framework

One of the reasons that Trust Wallet is able to retain its versatile quality in the face of network breaches is that its security framework is enough to counter the majority of attacks. If you are like the majority of crypto traders, then securing your virtual assets is a priority. Trust Wallet understands this, so its developers created a simple but innovative system to ensure that your self-custodial wallet is safe and secure. This system ensures that you only gain access to your Trust Wallet via a private key. The key, which takes the form of a 64-bit string of characters, is unique and belongs to you and you alone.

3- No-Price Structure

Trust Wallet’s pricing structure is another element of its peculiarity. It is essentially free to use. In other words, you don’t have to pay anything as transaction fees for using Trust Wallet. Of course, this does not mean that Trust Wallet is responsible for footing the bills of your transactions. No, you would still need to settle the cost of using a blockchain network. So, if you are buying or selling a set amount of tokens on a blockchain Z, you would still need to pay the associated gas fees. So, the fees you pay go to the blockchain, not Trust Wallet. Therefore, once again, Trust Wallet does not charge users for its self-custodial service.

4- Option for Seamless Integration with DApps and NFTs

Reinforcing its multi-coin and multi-chain support system, Trust Wallet also supports DApps (decentralized apps) and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Using the wallet consequently enables you to use and interact with different components of the decentralized crypto model. As a result, for every application that runs on this model, Trust Wallet is useful. This means that Trust Wallet offers you options to use finance-related applications that draw on smart contracts to make business deals and investments, thereby boosting the efficiency of your crypto trading/investment portfolio.

5- Available Opportunities for Trading and Investing in Cryptos

Just as important as its safekeeping options for your crypto assets, Trust Wallet also doubles as a means to enable you to interact with the crypto market. From within the Trust Wallet app, you can stake, trade, invest, and monitor the cryptos supported by the wallet. You can also engage tokens that are available for any kind of crypto transaction on every blockchain network that is supported by Trust Wallet. Moreover, because Trust Wallet is available on virtually every mobile operating system, you can download the app from Google PlayStore, Apple Store, and manage your crypto portfolio from there. Thus, you can use Trust Wallet as an all-in-all application to store, trade, and invest your crypto assets.

So, compared to many other crypto wallets, self-custodial wallets like Trust Wallet enable users to have total control over crypto assets. In terms of security, service cost, multiplicity of function, and integration with blockchain networks and DeFi applications, Trust Wallet tops the list of these self-custodial wallets.

Financial support for Ukraine: your cryptocurrency can save lives

Kyrrex is monitoring the situation in Ukraine, providing assistance to citizens, volunteers, and public organizations. 

This time, we sent raised funds for the Mykolaiv Regional State Administration and the Ukraine Security Service in the Lviv region. We believe that these donations will provide humanitarian support for people in areas and contribute to local budgets.  

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Kyrrex: The World’s First Crypto-Fiat Bank

Cryptocurrencies are turning out to be a definitive characteristic of the 21st Century. Similar to the evolution of electric cars and smart technologies, the underlying blockchain principle has solidified the place of this digital finance system in history. Thus, the march of progress in all things crypto is changing from a brisk walk to a dash. And as the narrative changes in favor of decentralized digital financial systems, Kyrrex appears as the first crypto-fiat bank.

The Kyrrex engine evolved from a determined purpose to sort out some of the still-existing gaps in the crypto industry. As a centralized exchange platform, Kyrrex’s driving objective is to provide users with the opportunities and needed digital infrastructure to slide into the backseat of the crypto sedan without throwing away the old ledger of handwritten or Excel-driven ledger accounting.

As the first crypto bank, Kyrrex takes the initiative of financial inclusivity to a whole new level. Its lineup of integrative features, for example, the liquidity hub, implement the core tenets of the Satoshi Nakamoto principle. These include autonomous economics, investment adventures that are unhindered by geographical space, and avenues for wealth building that are legal, recognized by peers from different parts of the world, and primarily managed by the person rather than a traditional banking institution.

So, as the first crypto-fiat bank, Kyrrex’s mandate is genuine and also original. The user (who is an ordinary person, a newbie to the crypto industry, an expert trader or investor, etc.) is the center of the revolution. The architecture of the exchange platform is such that this user, some of whose assets are still in fiat, has all of their questions answered and the world of crypto assets opened to them.

In this article, we highlight the peculiarities of the Kyrrex crypto exchange platform. First, we underline the gaps in the traditional and crypto accounting industry, then present the attributes of Kyrrex as the first crypto-fiat bank. Lastly, the article touches on the platform’s prospects for the future.

Lapses in the Financial/Banking Industry and the Need for a Crypto-Fiat Bank