Kyrrex - The Next Big Binance Alternative

The Next Big Binance Alternative
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Cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming widely adopted, and everyone seems to want in on the action. Many see digital currencies as a means to get rich quickly, but others see them as an investment opportunity. However, there's much more you could do with cryptocurrencies as they're now being accepted as payment options and even legal tender. You need a cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Trading platforms also offer other services, such as advanced options to borrow assets to trade. These days, however, some of them even provide payment and card services.

While there are many different cryptocurrency exchanges today, traders seem to have few options. That is because they feel safer with the big exchanges and overlook the small ones as a result. Also, government regulators reduce the number of crypto exchanges and trading options available to traders in specific locations. Binance happens to be the biggest cryptocurrency exchange globally, both by trading volume and user count. Traders mainly choose it for its large trading pairs and portfolio. Another advantage that draws users to Binance is the platform's ease of use and user experience.

That said, traders have been increasingly looking for Binance alternatives. This is partly because the crypto exchange has had troubles with regulators in different countries, leading them to shut down operations in some countries and limit its features in others.

Why are traders looking for alternative Binance options?

Binance alternative - Kyrrex

The main reason users in some countries and jurisdictions are looking for the best alternative to Binance is the exchange's many regulatory problems. Below, we'll cover the issues that made the headlines.

The US

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission started investigating Binance because it claimed the exchange manipulated its markets and carried out insider trading. According to Bloomberg, the regulators looked into the exchange to determine if it traded on customers' orders before filling them. Binance released a statement denying the allegations.

According to reports in May 2021, the IRS and the justice department reportedly investigated Binance for tax evasion and money-laundering practices. What's more, due to strict regulations in the US, residents in the country are not allowed to trade on, the main international arm of the exchange. Instead, they have to deal on, which doesn't serve as a Binance alternative login as they can trade just over 50 coins compared to the 400+ on Also, residents in New York, Hawaii, Louisiana, Idaho, Vermont, Texas, and Connecticut cannot trade on Binance US.

The UK

The UK's financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), issued a statement saying that no entity under Binance holds any form of license, authorization, or registration to provide regulated financial services in the UK. The exchange, as a result, stopped offering regulated financial services to UK residents.


Japan's Financial Services Agency released a similar statement warning that Binance wasn't registered to operate in the country.

Binance later issued a statement claiming they don't hold exchange operations in the country.


In early 2021, Binance introduced stock tokens, allowing its platform traders to trade traditional stocks of specific companies such as Tesla and Apple. The exchange offered the "stock coins" through an established company, CM-Equity AG, which would hold the underpinning stocks. This move didn't sit well with Germany's financial watchdog, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin. It warned that Binance could be fined for offering the synthetic token instrument without a published investor prospectus and adherence to other EU securities laws. Binance ultimately ceased the token offering in July of the same year but tagged the move a business decision.

The European Union

Following Binance's woes in the UK and Barclay's move to stop their customers from using debit and credit cards to deposit funds to Binance, the exchange suspended deposits through the EU's SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) network.

South Korea

While Binance announced that it would shut down its South Korean arm in December 2020, it still offered South Korean traders payment options and Won trading pairs. However, the exchange discontinued most of those services in August of 2021. There's no indication that Binance was targeted directly. However, the move came after the Financial Intelligence Unit, the country's financial watchdog, released a statement warning foreign crypto exchanges that they risked possible criminal inquiries and blocked access if they didn't follow new anti-money laundering regulations.

Singapore halted SGD trading pairs and other services offered to Singaporeans after the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) issued a warning the exchange may be violating the country's Payment Services Act. While halted operations,, the Singaporean arm of the exchange, wasn't affected, according to a Binance spokesperson. However, it put Singapore traders in a bind as they could no longer enjoy the full suite of services offered on the global exchange.


Malaysia's securities commission, in a bold move, ordered Binance to shut down its mobile applications and website and discontinue marketing activities in the country. The authority also called the exchange to block access to Malaysian investors from its Telegram group.

The need for a Binance alternative for US customers and other countries

Binance's main draw, especially in the US, is its relatively low trading fees. Users would have to switch over to exchanges with comparatively expensive fees to buy and sell crypto assets.

The good thing is that there are great alternatives to Binance for US residents and other countries if you know where to look. One of them is Kyrrex, an innovative exchange with competitive trading fees, looking to solve different cryptocurrency challenges. This article will talk about the exchange, its many offerings, and why we consider it the best Binance alternative.

What is Kyrrex?

What is Kyrrex?

Kyrrex is a cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet founded in 2016. The platform was built with beginners and professional traders in mind. Since its inception, it has grown into a robust financial ecosystem that seeks to connect cryptocurrency and traditional banking. The company is doing this by offering a comprehensive set of services and products that will benefit everyone regardless of location. This makes Kyrrex a strong Binance alternative for US residents looking for a reliable exchange.

The crypt-banking bridge means that Kyrrex's ambitions go beyond being just a cryptocurrency exchange. Instead, it's a hybrid digital bank that integrates all traditional banking features with a wide range of cryptocurrency trading options. This disruptive introduction to the crypto world will address the demand for all-in-one crypto-fiat solutions where users don't necessarily have to switch between their banks and exchanges to perform financial transactions.

The Kyrrex ecosystem

As we mentioned, Kyrrex intends to erase the boundary between banking and crypto. The platform is building and integrating different financial and blockchain-based services to make this happen. It is incorporating cryptocurrency storage and exchange with digital bank services where users can operate with over 177 currencies. The goal is to employ a holistic approach to bridge the current divide between the crypto and other financial markets. The ecosystem will be a one-stop-shop avenue for both retail and institutional players and beginners and pro traders. Let's take a look at the different parts of the ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kyrrex's crypto exchange offers a suite of different crypto trading services. These include demo account trading for beginners, educational courses, daily trading charts, graphs, analytic tools for pro traders, a comprehensive order book, and crypto exchange and storage.

The cryptocurrency exchange's deposit program allows traders, investors, and cooperate organizations to store crypto assets and enjoy dividends. For example, USDT, ETH, and BTC deposits on the platform can accrue up to 13.5% APY over 360 days, and users have the option to choose between 30, 90, and 180 days as well.

Kyrrex's listing platform will support the introduction of new crypto assets to the exchange. The process involves cryptocurrency audits, risk assessments, and a thorough evaluation of the tech behind these coins and their adoption rate. This way, Kyrrex can introduce its users to meaningful crypto assets with great potentials.

In addition, the listing platform offers a bonus scheme exclusive to the Kyrrex ecosystem community.

The Liquidity Hub

Liquidity refers to the ease and speed of converting assets to cash. In this case, it describes how easy it is to sell off crypto assets for fiat currencies. This is one of the main concerns plaguing small exchanges and why traders tend to stick with the big names. Fears of having no way to get their monies back is a discouraging reason to stay with big exchanges despite any other downsides.

Many exchanges have failed to meet their users' liquidity needs, causing them to fold and even bankrupt traders in the process.

Kyrrex aims to solve this problem with its liquidity hub. The exchange promises an always-available liquidity system that can cater to even cooperate-level needs. This means traders can be confident their crypto assets can always be converted to cash and withdrawn quickly.

The exchange's large user pool and efficient order book system also mean that orders can be filled almost immediately, depending on the trading volume of a particular cryptocurrency.

The platform will provide adequate information and data concerning each token. This includes the assets trading volume, market cap, and supply. This way, traders get to understand factors

affecting liquidity and the best way to go about trades.

The Kyrrex Crypto OTC Platform

While exchanges are the primary way to get your hands on cryptocurrencies, you can also purchase digital assets via OTC (over-the-counter) desks. Exchanges work by matching a trader's buy order to another trader's sell order. However, with OTCs, users trade between themselves.

This platform connects users to trade cryptocurrency at a fixed rate, cutting out the need for an exchange. It is also a discreet means of buying and selling significant crypto assets without exposure to the open market. This way, large blocks of Bitcoin can be purchased without affecting the crypto market and the token's price. Also, it ensures that traders don't suffer slippage on such transactions.

While traditional OTC desks mainly cater to high-net-worth individuals and institutions looking to trade large blocks of Bitcoin, Kyrrex aims to tend to both professional retail and institutional traders.

The OTC platform is part of the Kyrrex ecosystem but takes place off the open exchange. With the same account, users can have access to more personalized services and deeper liquidity. However, you may be required to fulfill more verification to get access to higher transactions.

The Kyrrex Cryptocurrency Wallet

Crypto exchanges help you manage your wallet on the exchange account. For example, spot wallets allow you to make orders using your balance instantly. Kyrrex offers this type of multicurrency wallet but with higher security.

Your Kyrrex wallet allows you to store digital assets supported by the platform. You can deposit and withdraw at any time. Users are also able to back up funds to keep out unauthorized third parties. The wallet is integrated across Kyrrex's web and mobile platforms, which foster ease of use and on-the-go transactions.

Digital Banking

Traditional banks only come into play in the crypto market when investors want to buy crypto assets with fiat. There are currently solutions for purchasing Bitcoin and other crypto assets with credit cards and bank transfers, and exchanges offer fiat withdrawals to traders' bank accounts. Kyrrex will offer a seamless banking system that allows users to manage their finances and crypto assets from one dashboard. It will be the first global digital bank to facilitate easy, secure, and fast finance operations in 177 currencies. The feature is still in development and will go live soon.

Once deployed, users will have easy access to both cryptocurrency and government-issued currency assets. In addition, they will enjoy support for both traditional banking and crypto operations, including withdrawals, deposits, transfers, loan management, insurance products, accounting services, and bills payments. Using the digital banking solution, you'll be able to see your fiat and crypto balances in one place. But, of course, you'll still have options to manage your crypto wallets and exchange digital assets how you see fit. That said, no divide precludes you from using both your fiat and crypto balance to trade.

Kyrrex's digital bank will come with the full suite of services offered by traditional banks. You can open a private or corporate multicurrency bank account with an International Bank Account Number (IBAN) which can perform SEPA, SWIFT (BIC), and Visa and MasterCard withdrawals and deposits. You can also use the online bank to create and accept cryptocurrency payments and carry out OTC crypto transactions. The bank also allows you to send funds directly to other banks' debit and credit card accounts and carry out international and domestic transactions in 177 fiat currencies.

That's not all. The digital bank will allow you to create personalized services such as salary projects, White Label payment solutions, and other streamlined financial services such as loan issuance. With these crypto and banking features, Kyrrex will eliminate the worry of transferring fiat currencies to different bank accounts. Instead, everything can be done within the ecosystem with ease.

The Tokenization Platform

Asset tokenization is one of the many blockchain applications driving cryptocurrency to mass adoption. It involves converting valuable assets into digital tokens that live on a blockchain. These could include tangible assets like art, real estate, and gold or intangible assets like ownership rights, content licensing, and voting rights. This innovation makes it possible to combat forgery and document duplicity in asset management. It also facilitates decentralized governing systems.

Kyrrex's tokenization platform will allow users and cooperate clients to tokenize any asset. It’s one of the platform's many offerings still in development. It will come with reliable and trusted features and services such as equity ownership, real-time accounting system audit, token ownership maintenance, and secondary asset management creation once it goes live. Users will be able to tokenize assets, create a token issue amount, set its value, and write a description on the platform. Thus, they can keep records of the token's primary distribution and safely facilitate its transactions. These tokens will also be tradable in the Kyrrex ecosystem and listed on other exchanges.

The Crypto Merchant Platform

The crypto merchant platform, another upcoming Kyrrex solution, will allow users to set up channels to receive payments on goods and services they offer. The crypto merchant feature will expose users to the world of e-commerce with all the payment services needed to make transactions as smooth as possible. Clients will be able to choose to accept payments in crypto or fiat and conveniently convert assets as they see fit. The platform will also be global, which means there will be little to no restrictions on international transactions.

The Kyrrex (KRRX) Token and its Uses

The Kyrrex (KRRX) Token and its Uses

The Kyrrex (KRRX) coin powers the Kyrrex ecosystem. The utility token has multiple use cases, from settling transaction fees at a discount to participating in high yield deposit programs. The KRRX deposit program allows users to stake their coins for a period to earn an annualized percentage yield. Here's a breakdown of the APY:

30 days – 8.5%

90 days – 10.6%

180 days – 12.5%

360 days – 14.5%

This means the longer you stake KRRX tokens, the more APY you earn.

KRRX Tokenomics

The KRRX coin is a layer 2 token built on the Tron blockchain. It has a total supply of 500,000,000. Kyrrex intends to burn up to 50% of the total token supply every quarter. Part of the tokens received as fees and commissions will be destroyed forever until only 250,000,000 KRRX are left.

Use Cases of the KRRX Token

Trading Commissions

Users who stake the token through the deposit program will earn trading commissions and reduced trading fees. The exchange's trading fees vary according to a trader's level. There are six levels in the Kyrrex ecosystem. They include:

  • General
  • Beginner
  • Pro Trader
  • Insider
  • Institutional
  • Market Maker

Social Trading

The Trade Ideas platform allows users to share trading ideas just as its name suggests. Traders can follow other professional traders to learn more about trading positions, get signals, and know more about new exciting cryptocurrency projects, especially on the Kyrrex ecosystem. The social trading platform is designed so that people who are followed can receive monthly subscription fees. These fees can be paid in crypto, fiat, or KRRX tokens. There will be incentives when you use the KRRX token to settle social trading subscription payments.

Multi-Account Management

The yet-to-be-deployed Multi-Account Management system will allow professional traders to handle different accounts. A percentage of the profits on these accounts will be paid to the trader. If users agree to pay said fees in the KRRX token, they'll enjoy a 10% discount on their payments. This discount system is only available to users who agree to pay in KRRX tokens.

Referral Program

Users get to enjoy bonuses and additional discounts when they refer friends to the platform. They will receive 20 KRRX tokens for each referral that installs the Kyrrex digital banking app. You'll earn up to a 60% discount when you refer three persons and stake over 2500 KRRX tokens.

Bonus Program

100 KRRX will be credited to the wallets of users who pass the platform's verification process. Traders who deposit crypto tokens worth $500 or more will receive additional KRRX.

Why Is Kyrrex a Viable Binance Alternative?

In resolving most of the issues plaguing the cryptocurrency market, Kyrrex seeks to almost eliminate problems affecting Binance. Once its full suite of features for USA goes live, it will undoubtedly be the most promising of all the Binance alternatives USA residents and other countries can go for.

1. Cryptocurrency Regulations

The cryptocurrency and banking platform aims to adhere to even the strictest KYC (know your customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) regulations worldwide. This means that there will be little to no problems with regulators across different jurisdictions. The lack of regulation in the crypto space is stifling the industry's growth. Entrepreneurs would rather sit on the sidelines than violate the law, and investors will be reluctant because of regulatory uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies. Exchanges are currently struggling as governments keep forging new legislation and policies for cryptocurrencies. It's easy to run afoul of new laws that might be enacted in the future.

Kyrrex intends to work with regulators to follow regulatory practices and offer transparent crypto and banking services. As a reliable Binance alternative USA residents can trade on the platform without worrying about run-ins with the SEC and other regulators.

2. Competitive Trading Fees

When it comes to fees, the platform offers highly competitive rates, with discounts when traders stake the KRRX token and refer others. There's also an incentive program for different trading levels.

3. Superb User Experience

Kyrrex claims to place user experience as one of its top priorities as they have invested extra effort, time, and funds to make significant improvements.

The ecosystem boasts a fluid, state-of-the-art, and user-friendly interface to make trading and other operations efficient, enjoyable and, easy to use. Users can also determine which functionalities are essential and take full advantage of the platform, whether beginners or professionals.

4. Reliable and High-Performance

Every exchange has to be fast and reliable with as little downtime as possible. This is one of the most significant factors that determine any platform's success or failure. This is why Kyrrex believes its ultrafast engine, which facilitates 1.5 million transactions per second, places it as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges out there. The speed of the order processing doesn't take away the exchange's accuracy and usability as the company has a mission to get rid of slippages and outages. While maintenance will occur from time to time, users will be duly informed to reduce disruption to the minimum. This makes the Kyrrex application a robust Binance app alternative that won't make you miss the big exchange.

5. Deep Liquidity Pool

Part of the main concerns for traders when looking for an alternative to a massive exchange like Binance is liquidity and trading volume. No one wants to have orders that never get filled, and traders often move funds to external wallets. Kyrrex promises a liquidity pool of about $50B and a daily exchange trading volume of $150M that will grow in the future. This translates to fast order execution and liquidity availability for even large institutions.

6. The Kyrrex Token

The KRRX token also makes Kyrrex a viable Binance exchange alternative as it offers traders significant bonuses and powers the ecosystem just like Binance's BNB.

Final Thoughts

Kyrrex isn't just a powerful Binance US alternative; it is situating itself as a potential big player in the crypto space. With its game-changing concept of bridging crypto and banking, it's opening up a new world of possibilities to cryptocurrency traders.

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Top 3 Ways to Buy Tether Instantly

Tether is perhaps the third most important cryptocurrency after Bitcoin and Ether. It's a stablecoin so it's relatively stable, unlike BTC and other crypto whose values fluctuate, sometimes wildly, from one minute to the next.

Tether is better known as USDT and is the main on-ramp and off-ramp currency in the crypto market. People who want to buy Bitcoin, Ether or some other coin, usually buy USDT first.

Although there are other stablecoin challengers like BUSD, USDC and DAI, tether endures as the leading collateralized stablecoin on the market.

For this reason, there are numerous ways to buy Tether instantly. You can buy USDT with fiat or another cryptocurrency. You can buy Tether on basically every major cryptocurrency exchange on the market. You can even buy Tether offline through P2P. Here, we gather some of the best ways to instantly buy Tether.

Let's begin with where you can buy Tether (USDT)

Where Can I Buy Tether (USDT)?

You can buy Tether with credit card or other means on every major cryptocurrency exchange. If you hold a popular cryptocurrency, you can look for its pair with tether on a centralized or decentralized exchange and swap it for USDT.

Because of its importance to crypto, Tether is the most common coin for pairing with other cryptocurrencies.

Here are some exchanges where you can buy USDT instantly and use it to buy other cryptocurrencies:

  • Binance — for Asia, Africa and the Middle East
  • Kyrrex — for Europe
  • Coinbase — for North America

You can also buy Tether on-ledger on supported blockchain networks. For example, if you wish to use tether on the Ethereum or Solana network, you can go to a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or Raydium and buy ERC20- or SPL-compatible USDT.

How to Buy USDT (Tether)?

Once you've allocated the funds or crypto to buy tether with, the next step is to make the purchase. These pointers will guide you on how to do so.

1- Choose a Crypto Exchange

If you want to buy USDT instantly, you need a platform. That's where cryptocurrency exchanges come in. It is important to choose the right exchange that will let you buy Tether online with your preferred method.

You shouldn't rush to create an account on the first crypto exchange you come across. There are so many of them and they vary in terms of ease of use and the features they offer. Your location should also be considered before you plump for an exchange.

Several exchanges have been under the spotlight in various parts of the world for possible regulatory infractions. If you're big on AML compliance, you should consider buying your USDT and making trades on exchanges like Kyrrex.

2- Buy USDT

On a centralized exchange, you need to open an account and get verified before you can buy Tether. On a decentralized exchange like Uniswap, you can skip verification.

Once you're ready to buy Tether online, you can accomplish this through several methods. Let's talk about each one.

Buy Tether with Another Cryptocurrency

You can convert another cryptocurrency to Tether easily through an exchange. You just need to make sure the exchange you're using supports the USDT pair with the cryptocurrency you hold. Examples of popular crypto coins with Tether pairs are BTC, ETH, SOL, KRRX, BNB, AVAX, LTC, XLM, LINK, MATIC and DOT.

If your favorite exchange doesn't have a USDT pair in your crypto, first convert your coin to another coin that has a USDT pair, then convert the new coin to USDT.

Buy Tether with Fiat

You can directly buy Tether with fiat money. Fiat money is any currency like the pound, euro and dollar that is backed by a government and issued by a central bank.

You can easily and conveniently convert traditional money to USDT on a cryptocurrency exchange. Just navigate to the appropriate section of the platform and initiate a "Buy" transaction for Tether. Choose the buying method you want and confirm your choice. Note that the options to buy USDT will vary depending on your country of residence.

That said, there are several ways to buy USDT with fiat money. Let's talk about the most common methods:

Buy Tether with Credit Card

You can easily buy USDT with credit card on Kyrrex and other exchanges that support this feature. Most platforms support using cards from Visa and MasterCard.

  • Navigate to the section on the platform where you can select the option to buy or deposit crypto.
  • Select the option to buy crypto with Credit or debit card.
  • Choose the crypto you want to buy. That would be USDT in this case.
  • Select the amount of USDT you wish to buy. You can also input the pounds, euro or dollar amount to generate a corresponding USDT value.
  • Fill in your credit card details.
  • Authorize the transaction and confirm your purchase.

This method also works for buying USDT with debit card as well.

Buy Tether with Bank Transfer

You can also buy USDT with direct deposits from your local bank account. Again, this feature is only available in certain countries and regions. If this is your preferred method to buy crypto, consider whether a cryptocurrency exchange supports the option before signing up.

  • Open the exchange app and navigate to the section that lets users buy crypto.
  • Choose the amount of USDT you wish to buy and the purchase currency.
  • Choose the option to buy with bank transfer or direct deposit
  • The platform will generate a bank account for use with instructions. Open your own bank app and transfer the correct amount to the given bank account.
  • Confirm your transaction and get credited with USDT.

After Buying Tether, What Next?

Once you've acquired your shiny new Tether coins, there are a number of things you can do with it. You have several ways to productively use your USDT on an exchange like Kyrrex.

Buy Crypto

As mentioned before, USDT is the most common pair for cryptocurrencies. You can use it to buy whichever popular cryptocurrency you're after.

On Kyrrex, simply go to Spot and exchange USDT with the cryptocurrency you want.

Earn Crypto

If you want to be more conservative with your investments, you can use your Tether holdings to earn passive income by earning interest on it.

On Kyrrex, you can lock your crypto into a savings program and earn interest just like you would with money in a bank. Simply go to Earn, choose your asset (USDT), select the contract term you like, choose the interest type, and click Create. Next, enter the amount of USDT you want to save. Once you've confirmed your savings, your USDT will start earning interest for you.

Cryptocurrency is changing how colleges do business with students and donors

Ten years ago, cryptocurrency was a niche concern that most people ignored. Now, everyone is angling for a bite of the cake. Governments are thinking of ways to impose regulations and tax the industry. Venture capital has plowed in billions of dollars in expectations of big returns down the line. Various big and small outlets have added crypto to their payment systems.

Colleges and universities have also got in on the act, as crypto continues to grow in recognition and acceptance. For a long time, the involvement of educational institutions in crypto wasn't always salutary. Criminal organizations that attacked school networks often demanded that the universities pay the ransom in crypto. In many instances, the affected schools complied to get their networks restored quickly.

Now, this is changing. With better security protocols in place to protect schools from crypto-demanding hackers, attention has turned to the more positive roles and uses of blockchain technology in education.

In this article, we outline several ways crypto and blockchain technology is transforming interactions between universities and students and donors.

The bigger picture to crypto usage

It is worthwhile to situate the growing use of crypto in schools within the overall social trend. In recent years, crypto adoption has grown among the public, with the largest segment of new converts being young consumers. According to a CNBC report, 20% of US consumers have used cryptocurrency in some form. Another report by Ypulse found that 28% of the 13-39 age demographic have bought at least one crypto token. A sister report discovered that interest among that age group in non fungible tokens or NFTs peaked at 38%.

This increased attention to crypto isn't reflected in the industry's financial standing at the moment. Because of the global recession and implosion of some big players, the total capitalization of cryptocurrencies has shrinked from a peak of $3 trillion in November 2021 to just over $800 billion one year later.

Given the current gloomy climate, one might wonder why universities would want to have anything to do with crypto. Yet, research has clearly shown that tertiary colleges continue to utilize the technology in ways that benefit them. Let's look at 3 of these ways.

1. Tuition payments

Schools and colleges are getting more flexible in tuition payment options for local and international students. Some have included cryptocurrency in their list of accepted mediums of payment. Lucerne University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland has been accepting bitcoin for tuition payments since 2017. Bentley University, a private school in Massachusetts has partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to accept tuition payments in bitcoin, ethereum and USD Coin.

Some universities restrict cryptocurrency payments for tuition to certain courses, perhaps as a test run for a schoolwide implementation. The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania stated that enrollees to its education online certificate program in Economics of Blockchain and Digital Assets can pay program fees with cryptocurrency.

These schools recognize that paying tuition with crypto is easier, faster and cheaper compared to traditional payment methods. And as school admissions become more diverse because of the upsurge in international applications, cryptocurrency is an inexpensive method to democratize payments. By letting non-local students pay using bitcoin, universities can receive payments on time and avoid the multi-day delays synonymous with cross-border payments.

Cryptocurrency is very volatile and universities must find solutions that safeguard the value of tuition received via digital currency. Each crypto-accepting institution deals with this differently. Some, like the University of Nicosia in Cyprus, immediately change the crypto into fiat.

As crypto adoption among schools keeps growing, one imagines consensus will gravitate towards a more stable cryptocurrency like USD Coin (USDC) as the cryptocurrency of choice for tuition payments.

2. Gifts and donations

More and more gifts and donations are being paid in digital currency, not just to universities, but to donation-eligible organizations at large. Fidelity Charitable, the largest grant-maker in the US, received $331m in cryptocurrency donations.

Cryptocurrency gifts to universities have continued to grow since founder Nicholas Cary made a donation of 14.5 bitcoin to the University of Puget Sound, his alma mater, in 2014. In 2018, the developers of the cryptocurrency EOS donated $3m worth of the coin to Virginia Tech, to aid in blockchain teaching and research.

Ripple co-founder Larsen and his wife Lyna Lam went even further in 2019. They donated $25m in XRD, Ripple's native token, to San Francisco State University. Also in 2019, Nikolai Mushegian donated $4.2m in Maker (MKR) tokens to Carnegie Mellon University. Vitalik Buterin, perhaps the most significant figure in decentralized finance and the co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain, gave away $9.4m in cryptocurrency donations in November 2022. The money, donated to the University of Maryland, will help to fund research in public health.

Not every donation to colleges and universities come with a name tag. Some donors choose to remain unidentified. For example, in 2021 the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania received an anonymous donation in bitcoin worth $5m.

Cryptocurrency opens up an additional avenue for universities to receive gifts. It also makes it easy for donors to donate their digital assets without having to first convert it to digital cash. Plus, reticent members of the public can easily and directly support their favorite educational institutions while maintaining their privacy. Hence, some schools have published instructions on their websites for those who wish to donate with digital tokens.

3. Non-Fungible Tokens

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a class of blockchain tokens that stand for real-world artifacts. They are unique identifiers that cannot be replicated, divided or copied. Universities are leveraging this newfangled phenomenon to foster closer ties with alumni or generate funds for research.

The University of California, Berkeley created headlines in June 2022 when it auctioned an NFT for $50,000, with the proceeds going to immunology research. The NFT was inspired by the research of James Allison, a respected immunologist and winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. The school continues to explore other avenues for NFTs.

Institutions that wish to leverage NFTs have no shortage of inspirations to use or history to mine. In August 2022, the University of Miami minted an NFT of the school's football team's 1989 championship win for $10,000. The school has a website where it lists NFTs commemorating the institution's various sporting successes.

Some universities have gone the extra mile to make NFTs more attractive by doing a tie-in with real-world perks like VIP seating at events. Others like Harvard University made it a badge of academic accomplishment. The school announced in May 2022 that each graduate of Harvard College will get a commemorative NFT. Duke University, meanwhile, offers NFT certificates to students who complete a blockchain technology course.


The blockchain revolution is alive and well despite the recent downturn and universities are taking advantage wherever they can. In accepting tuition and donations and making creative use of non-fungible tokens, universities are showing the rest of the world the real-world possibilities of crypto adoption.

Want to Buy Crypto in 2023? Consider these 5 Questions First

Not even the current gloom in the cryptocurrency industry can dampen popular appetite for investments. Hope lives forever, as they say, and after the winter comes the summer. Many people are already buying up their favorite crypto at the current low prices in anticipation of a forthcoming boom.

Before you join the throng and throw in your hard-earned money, you should ask yourself a few questions. Nobody knows for sure when the bulls will come roaring back so it's best to be thoughtful and analytical about what crypto you invest in and how you do so.

How We Got Here

Recall that in 2020 and for much of 2021, prices of popular cryptocurrencies soared beyond even the most optimistic forecasts. Thousands of early investors became millionaires as Bitcoin increased 800% to an all-time high of $68,000 in November 2021. Popular altcoins like Ether (ETH), PolkaDot (DOT) and BNB followed suit and everyone was loving it.

If you've paid attention in the crypto space then you should be familiar with what followed next. A cascade of calamities gradually eroded market prospects and investors' confidence. Major events like the global economic downturn and the war in Ukraine led investors to pull out from more volatile investments.

That wasn't all. The crypto world was rocked by several high-profile scandals. Two of them—the collapse of the Terra (LUNA) network, and demise of cryptocurrency exchange FTX—have cost investors billions in losses.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. Industry veterans have noted that things like this have happened before. And each time, the crypto industry bounced back and grew even more. Now, all eyes are on 2023 for a strong rebound.

5 Questions to Consider Before Buying Crypto in 2023

Many analysts and big investors have marked 2023 as the year to test the crypto waters again. You should ask yourself these questions before you join them.

1- Can You Afford to Lose Your Investment?

Thousands of investors put all their money in Terra and Celsius before the former crashed and the latter declared bankruptcy. Thousands more have their life savings trapped in FTX.

Bad idea, Amigos.

Before you jump into crypto, be sure that you won't be financially crippled if things go south. Investment brokers advise to have an emergency fund which is separate from your investment portfolio. In other words, keep enough money in a savings or fixed deposit account first before you make a major investment move.

The world of investing is unpredictable; crypto even more so. Prices can fluctuate up or down against your expectations. A rainy day fund will cushion you against unexpected losses and real-life changes as well.

Imagine having to sell your crypto at 70% loss because you urgently need money. This will rob you of the benefits of the anticipated recovery. If you have emergency funds, you can use those in the meantime instead of selling your assets or taking a loan.

2- Are You Looking For Short-Term or Long-Term Gains?

The answer to this question will largely determine your approach towards dramatic dips and Black Swan events. If you're in crypto for quick profits, you will be more inclined to cash in at the first large green candle. In the same vein, you will be more likely to cut your losses at the first sign of trouble. This approach can work with newer altcoins which often enjoy a honeymoon period.

A more long-term perspective will insulate you from making emotional judgements based on momentary market changes. If you believe in crypto and the potentials of blockchain technology, you can handpick individual projects that you believe will perform well in the coming years.

Alternatively, you can stick with the major players like BTC and ETH because of their staying power and room for future growth. Either way, you should conduct in-depth research before you buy your preferred coins and be comfortable with their future yield potential.

3- How Diverse Will Your Portfolio Be?

There is no doubt that the rise of cryptocurrencies has opened a new investment avenue but it is also fraught with danger. Unlike stocks and treasury bonds, crypto is a relatively unregulated market with lots of bad actors, poorly-managed exchanges, and greater risk of failure.

For this reason, experts recommend making your crypto investments a reasonable part of a diversified portfolio. Rather than going all in, make crypto, at most, 10% of your overall investments. Put the rest of the money in stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, and other less volatile commodities. This way,a prolonged bear market won't make a big dent in your finances.

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket," comes to mind here. Plus, fortune doesn't always favor the brave, no matter what Matt Damon tells you.

4- Do You Have a Plan and Are You Committed to It?

A large segment of crypto investors hold coins because of reasons that have little to do with prudent investing. Many invest due to peer pressure, because others are doing the same thing. When Bitcoin and the larger industry went bananas in early 2021, plenty of people bought crypto because of FOMO—fear of missing out. They wanted in on the riches without any idea what they're actually doing. And while some of them got what they wished for, others ended up with bags of devalued crypto as smart investors sold their holdings.

To counter panic selling or buying, you need to have a plan and stick to it. Be clear about your aims in crypto and disciplined when carrying out your plan. Don't let momentary fluctuations sway you from the beaten track. How much are you investing, which coins will you put the money in, and when will you sell off your holdings?

Setting short, medium and long-term investment targets is also crucial. You can plan ahead to sell or buy a certain amount of a coin when it reaches a specific price point. With concrete plans like this, you will make better decisions.

5- Do You Understand the Risks of Buying Crypto?

Crypto is like the wild west. The potential rewards are great, but so are the risks. You shouldn't go into any venture without being fully informed about what you stand to gain—or lose. Keep it in mind that, in crypto, you can lose everything.

Whether to buy crypto in 2023 or not should depend a lot on your risk tolerance level. If a 5% drop will set your heartbeat racing, you might be better off investing in less volatile instruments.

Here are some of the crypto risks you show be aware of:

  • Crypto prices can rise or fall seemingly without rhyme or reason. Some coins that fall dramatically may never rise again.
  • There's lots of scams in crypto. A coin you own can turn out to be a rugpull—a scam token. A good project can also fail if its backers withdraw or the community loses confidence.
  • Crypto platforms are not 100% safe. For example, see FTX and Celsius. A crypto exchange can fail for any number of reasons including mismanagement, hacks, bank run or if it loses its operating license.

There are ways to guard against losses. For example, you can use a regulated crypto exchange with a legal license instead of storing your coins on a shady platform. Studying projects before you invest in them will also help you spot and avoid potential rugs.

Looking Ahead

After recent setbacks, crypto faces an uncertain future but there are signs that a recovery isn't far off. Governments across the world are now paying more attention and making moves to plug regulatory gaps. This should make the sector more safe for investors who operate on cryptocurrency exchanges.

If you're expecting quick returns, crypto might not be for you right now. Experts project a slow recovery after the bleak 2022 so a 2021-style run is probably out of the question.

Even so, with some savvy research and quick planning, you can spot coins with the potential to yield big gains when the bulls return.