New Cryptocurrency Release: Kyrrex Coin (KRRX) is the next big crypto

New Cryptocurrency Release
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Kyrrex Coin (KRRX)

The landscape has never been more fertile for innovative services that aim to solve some of the bottlenecks of centralized systems. At the same time, the thriving cryptocurrency industry continues to face hurdles to the goal of financial freedom for everyone because of minimal integration with traditional finance. Kyrrex is a new, disruptive, service that combines the worlds of traditional finance, online banking, and cryptocurrency on one secure accessible platform.

Kyrrex Coin (KRRX) a new cryptocurrency, will anchor transactions, trading fees and perform sundry other utilities in the Kyrrex ecosystem. As the native token on what figures to be a thriving crypto exchange and digital banking platform, there's a big potential for early investors in the coin to reap massive rewards.

The Kyrrex crypto trading platform Is a Big Deal

Kyrrex crypto trading platform

These days, it seems like every developer is working on the next big crypto project. However, if everything falls in place, Kyrrex has the potential to become a genuine gamechanger. The crypto space has been crying out for an all-in-one solution where users can access, transact and manage both fiat and crypto without geographical and legal restrictions.

The Kyrrex suite of products and services has plenty to offer in this respect:

● Support for up to 177 fiat and digital currencies including the USD, Euro, Pounds, Ruble; Bitcoin, XRP, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero and EOS

● Support for international cross-border payment services like SWIFT, SEPA, Visa and MasterCard

● Support for direct fund transfer to credit and debit cards

● High liquidity and low trading fees

● Integrated cross-platform wallet

Kyrrex is an ecosystem that integrates everything the crypto user needs in one place and mitigates the need to have several accounts with different platforms. Both private and institutional traders can buy and sell cryptocurrency, convert crypto to fiat, make payments for goods and services, and enjoy low trading fees, fast transactions and minimal trading slippage on the multipurpose Kyrrex Exchange.

The Kyrrex Ecosystem at a Glance:

1. Kyrrex Exchange. Professional crypto exchange underpinned by a fast engine, high-grade cryptographic encryption and ample liquidity to buy and sell the biggest popular digital currencies as well popular new crypto listings.

2. Liquidity Hub. A service that facilitates high-volume trading and pressing liquidity needs for projects through a reliable order book and real-time data streams.

3. Kyrrex Wallet. A multi-coin and non-custodial wallet for crypto storage and portfolio management. Users can back up their funds to protect against unauthorized access.

4. Kyrrex OTC. Over-the-countertrading services for retail and institutional traders at competitive rates.

5. Kyrrex Banking Platform (upcoming). An online banking platform that streamlines crypto-fiat transfers and cross-border payments.

6. Kyrrex Tokenization Platform (upcoming). A service that allows institutional clients to tokenize any viable asset.

7. Kyrrex Merchant Platform (upcoming). A platform that enables direct access between the crypto and eCommerce worlds.

With so many new crypto releases coming out everyday, it's impossible to say for sure which ones will become successful and which ones will turn out to be big busts. However, the best bet is always to go for new coins with an underlying service platform that enables multiple use cases.

With a business plan that promises to impact the worlds of crypto and traditional finance in a big way, there's no doubt that Kyrrex is poised to become a popular name in the cryptosphere. Investors who get in on the action now will be smiling to the bank once the platform hits the mainstream.

Kyrrex Coin (KRRX): The Next Big Crypto Coin

 Kyrrex Coin (KRRX)

Kyrrex Coin (KRRX) is perhaps the most exciting new crypto coming out this year. It certainly has the potential to become one of the biggest exchange coins in the fullness of time.

KRRX is the native token of the Kyrrex ecosystem and its utility is tied to the platform. Currently in presale, this token is shaping up as one of the best new coins to invest in because it will become an indispensable utility token on a platform that's poised to make waves in the crypto industry.

A New Cryptocurrency Release Waiting to Explode

A look at the starting and current prices of the main exchange tokens like Binance's BNB, Okex's OKB and's CRO clearly shows that exchange coins are among the biggest source of crypto profits for early investors. Whereas most crypto tokens are just speculative assets with no intrinsic value, exchange coins are attached to the parent platform. As the exchange grows and attracts new traders and investors, the usability and demand for the platform token will increase commensurately.

Therefore, an exchange coin like Kyrrex is very likely to be the next big crypto product. Not only will Kyrrex compete with the biggest exchanges around, it is bringing in features to the crypto space that other platforms can only dream of. This means that the KRRX token will have many uses across different services on the Kyrrex ecosystem which in turn will drive demand from traders and investors.

The key to maximizing returns from the new coins coming out is to get in as early as possible. That means grabbing a piece of the token before it officially comes to the market at TGE.

KRRX is a TRC20 Token

KRRX is a TRC20 Token

When looking for the next big crypto project to invest in, many things need to be considered in order to make an informed decision. One important thing that should be checked is the protocol or blockchain the coin will be issued on.

While every blockchain claims to be decentralized in some way, there will naturally be some separation between them. One chain might be the most popular, another the fastest, a third the most scalable, and a fourth the most innovative. These different qualities have implications for the cryptocurrencies issued on the blockchain. A mishap or hack on a chain can affect all the tokens that use that protocol. For this reason, certain blockchains are more desirable than others for a new cryptocurrency release.

Kyrrex Coin will be issued on the Tron blockchain and use the TRC-20 protocol standard. Tron was founded in 2017 and managed by the Tron Foundation. It is one of the top blockchains and best crypto 2021 token-issue protocols.

Tron is a blockchain platform with no middleman. It is built to deregulate and decentralize the Internet by taking control away from big corporations and handing it over to individuals. Tron is a highly-secured hub of permissionless tools and protocols that uses smart contracts to deploy decentralized applications.

Launching on Tron will enable Kyrrex to build a robust and censorship-resistant ecosystem and promote speedy transactions since Tron can handle 2000 transactions per second — a number many times that of Ethereum's.

Apart from these, the TRC-20 standard will offer holders and users the following benefits:

● Decentralized payment processing

● Fast and easy token swaps

● Compatibility with Tron wallets across all platforms

Thus, Tron is a great choice as the blockchain for the native token of the Kyrrex ecosystem.

KRRX Token Presale Telegram Launch

The team behind any new cryptocurrency coming out usually have several methods available to acquire funding for the project through initial sale. Depending on the characteristics and goals of the coin, it can launch via ICO, IDO, IEO or the traditional route of securing funding from venture capital and angel investors.

Kyrrex are using a unique method for the Kyrrex Coin presale. Before we delve into that, we can take a brief look at the different ways to secure funding for a cryptocurrency project.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in the crypto space is analogous to an initial public offering (IPO) in the stock market. During an ICO, a crypto company issues its token to interested investors who pay for their stake in fiat or a specified digital token. The token may have some practical use besides its value or it may just stand for a stake in the project.

After Ethereum sold out its ICO in 2014, coin offerings became the favorite way that new coins launched until a lot of investors lost money during the "ICO craze" of 2017. Many projects got advertised as the "next big crypto" but turned out to be pump and dump schemes. Thereafter, ICOs began to acquire a nefarious reputation.

To combat this perception about initial token offerings and restore investors' confidence in genuine projects, crypto creators began to explore better and safer methods to launch their tokens. This led to…

The Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), an ICOthat uses a popular (and centralized) exchange as a launchpad. The token issuer reaches an agreement with the chosen exchange to use their platform to offer the token to users of that exchange and pays a listing fee for the service.

An IEO lends credibility to new cryptocurrencies. This is because investors will be confident that the exchange has done its homework and wouldn't throw its backing behind a scam or poorly-planned project.

Nevertheless, a company that uses the IEO model typically also has to give up a percentage of the token (or token sales) to the exchange. It's essentially a trade where the exchange sells its reputation for money and other benefits.

However, many people are wary of participating in IEOs because of the lack of anonymity on centralized exchanges.

With an Initial DEX Offering (IDO), there's no need to sign up to an account or fill a KYC form on a centralized exchange. With just a wallet and the coins needed to purchase the token, the investor is all set.

A DEX is a decentralized exchange where anyone can transact or swap tokens anonymously. A variation of the DEX is the launchpad: an on-chain or chain-agnostic platform designed specifically to facilitate token launches.

However, launching via an IEO or or IDO has its drawbacks and the Kyrrex team has taken this into consideration when planning the medium for the initial presale to investors. Using a centralized or decentralized exchange means giving up some control over the specifics of the token sale.

Moreover, an IEO or IDO presale runs the risk of being hijacked by bots and whales, which would be a less than ideal outcome. It's better to spread the tokens around rather than have it concentrated in the hands of a few people who know how to game the system.

For this reason, the Kyrrex token launch follows a hybrid model that guarantees exclusiveness and anonymity for early investors and then a fair IEO public sale which everyone can participate in. The private sale round for early investors was massively oversubscribed and this has led to much anticipation ahead of the main release to the general public.

KRRX Tokenomics

KRRX Tokenomics

The Kyrrex team is focused on attracting investors who are committed to the long-term vision of the project. Patience and support will be key as the platform organically takes shape. The private sale and subsequent pre-launch sale rounds will onboard buyers of all stripes willing to bet on the token's potential as possibly the next big crypto success story.

The total supply of KRRX is 500m. This means that the maximum amount of Kyrrex Coin tokens that can exist is capped at 500m. No new tokens will be issued beyond that figure.

Out of the 500m KRRX tokens, 250m tokens are available for distribution during the presale and launch rounds.

● Private sale — 50m

● Presale — 50m

● Public sale (IEO) — 150m

The public sale round will give everyone the chance to grab a share of 150 million KRRX tokens at a price of one dollar per token when the coin is officially launched on its own exchange.

That still leaves 250m Kyrrex tokens. 50 million of that will be used to power the platform's operational costs and the remaining 200m tokens will be locked. However, there will be periodic unlocks every six months for four years.

KRRX is a deflationary token due to its capped total supply and the team intends to slowly burn KRRX coins in the future until there are only 250 million tokens left.

Holders of the Kyrrex token will be able to stake their coins to earn interest and unlock exclusive rewards.

With a multitude of new coins to mine and invest in, investors are more at ease with a company that is transparent about what it will do with the funds generated after a crypto launch and how it'll be divided between different platform needs.

The funds generated from the Kyrrex sale rounds will be utilized as follows:

● 45% to develop the platform and the services that will be available at launch.

● 35% for marketing the token to a wider audience.

● 10% to legally acquire the licenses needed for the online banking arm of the platform.

● 10% insurance fund to hedge against unforeseen events in the future.

Kyrrex Coin Token Benefits and Utility

Buying and holding KRRX is a key that unlocks lots of benefits on the Kyrrex multipurpose platform. In addition to projected future increases in the price of the KRRX coin, holders can also enjoy the benefits listed here:

● Staking KRRX to earn more of the token

● Trading rebates of up to 60% off for those who've staked their KRRX

● Easy settlement of subscription free for social trading and multi-account management

● Additional discounts for referring users to the platform when staking KRRX

● Bonuses for using and referring others to the online banking service

● Opportunity to acquire recently added coins via IEO on the Kyrrex exchange

● Pay reduced prices for goods and services on the eCommerce platform.

Why KRRX Can Be the Next Big Crypto

Why KRRX Can Be the Next Big Crypto

History has proven that successful crypto projects have certain characteristics that helped them to stand out in a crowded field where thousands of coins are vying for attention. Though not everyone can agree about what a good crypto coin is, there are some elements shared by all good coins.

Bitcoin managed to successfully kick off the crypto craze because it offered a way to easily bypass centralized payment systems. Moreover, it was secure while doing so, meaning everyone could transfer their funds via bitcoin with confidence. It didn't just exist for its own sake but solved a real-world problem. Platforms like Ethereum expanded on crypto's core principles by offering a way to build censorship-resistant applications where people can anonymously perform any type of transaction imaginable.

Kyrrex Coin is a secure ecosystem token which can be held on any supported wallet as well as various exchanges after its public listing. Wallets have a permission mechanism called a private key without which nobody can access the funds stored in the wallet. You can either move your tokens to a supported wallet or keep it on a secure exchange.

Though Kyrrex is the native token of a centralized exchange, the platform itself is subject to rigorous regulation which will help keep them on their toes and bringing out the best services and practises for readers and investors. Being an AML-compliant service means the token is less risky compared to coins whose developers don't have to answer to any authority.

Even so, the private sale, presale and public sale rounds figure to spread half of the tokens to investors with the other half slowly being unlocked and put in circulation. This will eliminate the possibility of undue manipulation by whales and subject the token to the market forces of demand and supply.

Furthermore, KRRX is a token with established utility. Many presumed "next big crypto" projects launch with so much fanfare but actually have nothing to offer the users. Kyrrex Coin is a different kettle of fish. It solves a practical problem. It serves as the utility token of the Kyrrex ecosystem just as Binance Coin (BNB) and FTX Token (FTT) perform the same roles on the Binance and FTX platforms respectively. Kyrrex Coin will eventually mature into a payment method for goods and services on the Kyrrex marketplace and affiliated sites.

In addition, the KRRX coin is an easy-to-use token. Once the Kyrrex exchange goes live, users will be able to buy, sell and manage their tokens through Android, iOS or a computer browser and a simplified interface like any popular cryptocurrency. Moroever, the coin will be available on top exchanges so users won't need to go looking for it in some secret corner of the crypto web.

A well-backed exchange is one of the surest things in crypto because the demand for more avenues of trading coins keeps increasing as the industry slowly gains mainstream attention. This makes the Kyrrex Exchange a new cryptocurrency launch 2021 sure banker. Hence, KRRX, the flagship token of the ecosystem, will be in high demand. Traders and investors that flock on the platform will need KRRX for staking, trading and other activities on the platform thus ensuring sustainable interest in the token. This will drive its value up and keep it on the public radar.

Unlike fiat currencies and certain digital coins like Ether, Kyrrex Coin is a limited-supply token. There will only ever be 500 million KRRX in circulation this ensures some scarcity and creates deflationary pressure which will help keep the coin on an upward trajectory in a volatile market. The controlled release schedule and regular token burns will also help ensure price stability.

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Kyrrex & Huobi Partner for PrimePool Event: Win Over 1 Million KRRX Tokens!

PrimePool, in partnership with Huobi!

We are excited to announce the return of PrimePool, in partnership with Huobi! For now, users can lock their HT tokens for any length of time before the event ends to earn a reward of up to 1,208,898 KRRX tokens.

The event will run from 12:00 UTC on January 18, 2022, to 12:00 UTC on January 25, 2022, so make sure to participate before the event ends.

Event: Win Over 1 Million KRRX Tokens!

Specifically, you can lock any number of HT tokens from 100 units and receive an additional reward in KRRX tokens for doing so (the reward is calculated according to a formula that you can find on the event page at the link below).

This is a great opportunity for users to experience the upgraded PrimePool and win grand rewards. With simple rules, this event is open to all!

To join the event, all you need to do is visit the link provided and follow a few steps.

Your Kyrrex Team 💚

Huobi Welcomes KRRX Token to its Ranks with a Bang!

We are happy to announce that Huobi, one of the biggest and most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has listed the KRRX token!

When can I start making KRRX deposits and trade?

Huobi has already enabled deposits for KRRX holders. You can start making KRRX deposits right now!

KRRX spot trading (KRRX/USDT) will open when the deposit volume meets the requirements for market trading on Huobi. Once the trading volume threshold has been met the commencement date of KRRX/USDT spot trading will be officially announced.

KRRX withdrawals will open at 12:30 (UTC) on January 18

Let’s develop the KRRX ecosystem together!

The KRRX token provides a seamless way to interact with services and features on the Kyrrex network. All KRRX holders are entitled to discounted fees, staking benefits, and other special advantages.

KRRX is connected to many inner projects as well as linked to numerous initiatives, including significant partnerships in the sports industry. Currently, Kyrrex intends to expand agreements with MotoGP rider Jorge Martin, Moto2 young talent Pedro Acosta, and paddle athlete Martin Di Nenno.

Moreover, will launch Kyrrex Sport soon. A marketplace for potential athletes' image rights that are represented by fungible tokens (not NFTs) as well as an NFT marketplace for their personal collections.

This listing is a major milestone for Kyrrex as the company aims to make the KRRX token more accessible to users around the world. We are confident that Huobi's high liquidity and solid reputation would be extremely beneficial to our users.

To further improve the Kyrrex ecosystem, we will continue to reinforce existing collaborations and explore new strategic partnerships with industry stakeholders.

Stay tuned!

Your Kyrrex 💚

Kyrrex & Huobi Launch Exciting Crypto Tournament with 50,000 KRRX Prize Pool!

The tournament offers a massive prize pool of 50,000 KRRX and guaranteed payouts for 500 winners, providing all participants with the opportunity to come out on top.

The tournament will run from January 17th to February 1st, giving participants ample time to demonstrate their trading strategies and compete for the top prizes.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to win big and register for the tournament today!

How to become a participant of KRRX-Huobi tournament:

1️⃣ Register on the Lot.Trade;

2️⃣ Create a new account on;

3️⃣ Create an API key on the Huobi exchange and connect it to your Lot.Trade Personal Account;

4️⃣ Achieve a trading volume of at least 150 KRRX within 24 hours after registration;

5️⃣ Actively trade KRRX from the created profile on Huobi throughout the tournament, until its completion on 01.02.2023;

6️⃣ Wait for the results and get the desired prize

The first 1500 users who successfully complete the registration and trading conditions within 2 days after the tournament begins, will receive a bonus of $10. This is a limited offer, so don't miss out on this bonus opportunity.

So, are you ready to join the Kyrrex and Huobi crypto communities and compete for a prize pool of 50,000 KRRX and guaranteed payouts for 500 winners? Then fulfill the registration and trading conditions now and join our exciting crypto tournament.

Your Kyrrex 💚