The Kyrrex Birthday Cup crypto tournament is started!

Kyrrex birthday cup
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Kyrrex has recently celebrated its 4th anniversary and presented a Tournament Platform for our users. We have worked for a long time so that every crypto trader can earn extra profit while trading with Kyrrex.

Now, it's time to launch the first Kyrrex Birthday Cup crypto tournament dedicated to celebrating the 4th Kyrrex anniversary with a prize pool of 10,000 USD! If you are fond of trading and winning valuable prizes or rewards, here's your chance. Get in!

Every Kyrrex user can participate in the tournament regardless of experience. The participation rules are simple and easy to understand, even for newbie crypto-enthusiasts.

Here are some tournament terms:

▪️ Prize Pool: 10,000 USD (in KRRX tokens)

▪️ Tournament Duration: 27.09.2022 –25.10.2022

▪️ The Main Conditions: register, trade, and get rewarded for active and profitable trading during the tournament (prize pool will be distributed among winners based on the ROI)

Prize Structure:

Kyrrex cup prizes

Take part in the Kyrrex Birthday Cup crypto tournament for a chance to share 10,000 USD in rewards!

Become a Participant

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Kyrrex Adds NEAR and ALGO to Its Crypto Lineup

At Kyrrex, we're dedicated to providing an ever-evolving and enhanced user experience, and this commitment is evident in our continuous efforts to improve and expand our platform. We are thrilled to announce the addition of two new coins, ALGO and NEAR, to our crypto platform as a result of our active work.

With this expansion, you can now further enhance your crypto experience by utilizing these newly added assets for cryptocurrency trading and storage.

Let's explore the exciting new features and assets now available on Kyrrex!

Unveiling the Potentials of NEAR and ALGO

NEAR and ALGO coins have shown tremendous promise and have been gaining significant traction in the cryptocurrency space.

You can now make deposits and withdrawals using these newly added currencies on the Kyrrex platform. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to quickly trade these cryptocurrencies with USDT, adding a new dimension to your trading experience and providing you with more opportunities to explore and succeed in the cryptocurrency market.

To interact with these assets, simply go to your personal Dashboard and select the desired function, such as trading, exchanging, depositing, sending, or storing in the Kyrrex wallet.

Introducing ALGO

Algorand, established in 2017 by Turing Prize winner and MIT professor Silvio Micali, is a blockchain platform designed to establish a transparent system of decentralized finance.

The native cryptocurrency of this platform, ALGO, serves multiple purposes, including staking, transaction fees, relay node operations, and functioning as a management token. In 2022, ALGO achieved a position among the top 50 coins by market capitalization. Now, the coin is also available on the Kyrrex platform.

With its total supply of 10 billion coins pre-mined, ALGO presents a unique investment opportunity.

Introducing NEAR

NEAR Protocol is a smart contract platform developed to facilitate the development of decentralized applications.

The platform's native cryptocurrency, NEAR, holds a crucial position within the network, functioning as the medium for all transactions, as well as for staking by validator nodes and delegating participants.

NEAR has established itself as one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies based on total capitalization, making it a promising addition to any investor's portfolio.

Asset Diversification on Kyrrex

In the ever-fluctuating cryptocurrency market of 2023, asset diversification is crucial for both novice and experienced crypto traders and investors. That is why Kyrrex is fully committed to expanding the range of cryptocurrencies we offer. By doing so, we aim to empower our users to navigate the ever-evolving market conditions, mitigating potential risks and capitalizing on promising opportunities.

The addition of ALGO and NEAR to our platform not only expands your investment options but also enhances your portfolio diversification capabilities.

This is a testament to our unwavering dedication to equipping users with the necessary tools to confidently manage their investments in the dynamic crypto landscape.

Kyrrex’s Current Opportunities and Forthcoming Projects

As we continue to develop and introduce new features, Kyrrex stays committed to delivering a superior trading experience. Currently, we provide access to 23 cryptocurrency pairs, a functional trading terminal with analysis tools, and flexible tools such as our liquidity hub for institutional clients.

With our ongoing advancements and more coming soon, we are consistently pushing the boundaries of the cryptocurrency landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates as we shape the future of cryptocurrency trading!

Congratulations to the Winner of the First Kyrrex Charity Padel Tournament

On May 4th, Kyrrex organized its inaugural charity padel tournament, the PRO/AM Kyrrex Charity Padel Event, in Milan 🇮🇹. The event was a resounding success, with an impressive turnout.

Former Italian football stars, including Thomas Locatelli, Nicola Amoruso, Christian Panucci, Vincent Candela, and many others, joined amateur padel players, as well as Kyrrex employees and partners from Pramac Racing.

Funds Donated to Football for Ukraine Foundation

The PRO/AM Kyrrex Charity Padel Event not only brought sports enthusiasts together but also united them for an important cause. Thanks to the collective efforts of our partners, amateur players, and attendees, we raised an impressive €20,000.

Kyrrex Charity is delighted to announce that these funds will be donated to the Football for Ukraine Foundation. This organization, founded by Oleksandr Zinchenko, aims to provide aid and support to those affected by the war in Ukraine.

We were honored to have Andrii Shevchenko, the foundation's ambassador, at the event. He represented the charity and its crucial mission. Together, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Join us in our commitment to helping those affected by the conflict, and let's continue to make a difference through the power of sports and unity!

A Well-Organized Event with Special Guests and Participants

The success of the PRO/AM Kyrrex Charity Padel Event can be attributed to its seamless organization and the presence of esteemed special guests and participants who united to support a noble cause.

Mara Santangelo, a former professional tennis player and French Open doubles champion, skillfully orchestrated the event, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all attendees.

We were honored to have our esteemed ambassador, Marco Cassetta, in attendance, lending his support and presence to the occasion, even though he did not participate in the matches. The event not only showcased remarkable talent on the padel court but also fostered a spirit of camaraderie and unity as we all came together in pursuit of a meaningful cause.

Embracing the Future with a Parallel Metaverse Event in The Nemesis Metaverse

To further enhance the event experience and engage a wider audience, we hosted a parallel metaverse event in The Nemesis Metaverse. Attendees had the opportunity to explore a virtual tournament court that mirrored the physical event. This virtual space provided additional information and offered a unique and immersive experience for guests to enjoy.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated, contributed, and supported the first PRO/AM Kyrrex Charity Padel Event. Your involvement has made a significant difference in the lives of those in need. We eagerly anticipate hosting more events like this in the future and hope to see you there, as we continue to make a positive impact together!

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Кyrrex and Pramac Racing Plans

This week, the high-octane world of MotoGP shifts its focus to the picturesque in Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. The Spanish Grand Prix is taking place from April 28th to 30th. Amidst the adrenaline-fueled action, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing are seizing the opportunity to discuss exciting new crypto projects and deepen their partnership.

Кyrrex and Pramac Racing plans

Although the details are being kept under wraps, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing have confirmed their plans to unveil groundbreaking collaborations at the peak of the MotoGP racing season. A shared vision for innovation only strengthens the bond between companies that are now entering their second season together.

A rider to watch during the race weekend is Jorge Martin, a consistent podium contender and a driving force behind Pramac Racing's success. With his unwavering determination and skill, Martin embodies the spirit of partnership between Kyrrex and Pramac Racing.

Kyrrex’s founder, Viktor Kochetov, shared his thoughts on this efficient cooperation:

"Our partnership with Pramac Racing goes beyond sponsorship. It is built on mutual respect and ambitions. This weekend, we are going to discuss our future projects and further collaboration."

As the MotoGP community expects an action-packed weekend in Jerez, Kyrrex and Pramac Racing stand united in their pursuit of innovation. The synergy between the two partners is sure to fuel further success on the racetrack and beyond, setting new standards for the worlds of motorsports and cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned for updates and be sure to cheer on Pramac Racing at the Spanish Grand Prix!