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When legendary scientist Isaac Newton said that he could see further because he stood on the shoulders of giants, he was referring to crypto influencers. Well, he wasn’t but he might as well have been referring to them. Because of their existence, cracking the code that is the crypto-verse has become unprecedentedly easier.

Any authentic crypto winner will tell you that it takes a bit more than knowing the technicalities of blockchains and crypto-assets to make something of the industry. Following an industry-sharp and trend-smart luminary in the crypto-verse will get you further than whatever you can accomplish on your own.

This is why we have compiled a list of 10 crypto influencers you should be following. All of the influencers listed on this compilation are well-known characters on social media. So, you should be able to follow the links to their various platforms and pages. Then, you should be able to live long and prosper in this era of insightful crypto trading, investments, and wealth creation.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk

For most internet users, Elon Musk does not need any introduction. The man has vastly exceeded most realistic gauges of influence in the crypto sphere. In fact, owing to his exploits in terms of sheer sway over public opinion (and crypto trends as a result), there is now something referred to as the Musk Effect.

The Musk Effect simply refers to the unparalleled response that the crypto world has to Musk’s shared opinions on crypto matters. In 2021, especially, Musk had gotten so tight a hold on crypto trends that a single tweet about his company, Tesla, purchasing $1.5 billion worth of bitcoins resulted in Bitcoin growing by 20 percent in a matter of hours. Not long after, he praised Dogecoin as ‘... the people’s crypto …’ and the value of Dogecoin rose by half—again, in a matter of hours.

Musk’s primary social media platform is Twitter, so you can always follow his tweets at elonmusk. However, be very ready for the Musk Effect which may not always make sense. Even so, following Musk is virtually guaranteed to give you a head start in the game. He may not tell you the value of utility coins, but the value of utility coins will keep pace with his tweets (and almost always never the other way around).

2. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is a brilliant crypto visionary, programmer, and writer. Better known for being a co-founder of Ethereum, Buterin has gone on to become one of the youngest people alive with the deepest insights into the workings of blockchains, digital contracts, and digital currencies.

Buterin was born in ‘94, so he is quite young. In fact, when he shared the idea of Ethereum, the ‘open source alternative’ to the original blockchain, Buterin was only 19 years old. Even now, due to his young age coupled with his massive influence on the crypto-verse, Buterin is fondly called the ‘Prince of Crypto’, although he himself doesn’t seem to attach more importance to the title.

But that is not your problem. In fact, Buterin is notable for being a behind-the-scenes person. Thus, you will not hear him offer casual opinions regarding any crypto-related. Instead, he makes it a point to share insightful bits of information about blockchains, digital currencies, and all other things that drive the crypto industry.

As such, if you are interested in knowing the WHYs and the HOWs of the crypto world, the first person you need to pay attention to is Buterin. You can simply follow him on Twitter at vitalik.eth.

3. Roger Ver

Roger Ver

If there is someone else you should pay attention to in the world of crypto trading and investments, the latter especially, that person must be Roger Ver. Ver is the crypto equivalent of a forefather. Thus, because he believed in the prospects of Bitcoin earlier on and invested in it without hesitation, Ver is known in the crypto world as the Bitcoin Genius.

Ver is an interesting person, especially when viewed from the angle of crypto influencers. He does not have that deep an insight into the workings of digital currencies or blockchains, nor did he ever need to write extensive computer programs that eventually became acclaimed and associated with the crypto movement. No. Ver is only an investor, a very discerning crypto investor.

As earlier mentioned, he was one of the earliest people to put his money where his mouth was—in Bitcoin. Over the years, he has also supported many other crypto initiatives, gradually making himself into a calculating serial crypto investor. He could even be listed as the crypto version of an adventurer, except he almost never misses the mark whenever he invests in a crypto project.

This is the kind of intuitive initiative to investment that you need. The more you follow and engage him on Twitter at rogerkver or Instagram @roger, the better for your crypto future.

4. Marco Cassetta

Marco Cassetta

As you continue down this list, it is also important that you take note of people who are not so much founders or super investors but winners. These are the ones that Steve Jobs referred to as the misfits, the ones who get things done. Following these individuals will lighten your steps in the crypto world and give you more ambition to engage in more projects, and take more risks, all the while being conscious of and deliberate about your moves.

This is where Marco Cassetta is a great choice for a crypto patron. Cassetta is a marvel on the World Padel Tour with momentum like that of the Incredible Hulk: domineering, unstoppable, irresistible. With his stunning career profile, Cassetta has come to be recognized as one of those sportspersons with a perpetually brilliant destiny, which is not unconnected to his ambition to be nothing but the number 1 padel player in the whole world.

Different crypto platforms and initiatives have been eyeing Cassetta, intending on making him an ambassador because of the weight he is going to be pulling once he becomes a front liner in the industry. He decided to pitch his tent with Kyrrex crypto recently, which just goes to show how much of a deep insight he has into the crypto system.

You should check out his profile on Instagram at marco_cass33 and keep an eye on his moves in the crypto-verse.

5. Martín Di Nenno

Martín Di Nenno

Another progressive influencer that you should check out and keep an eye on is Martín Di Nenno, the number 3 best padel player in the world. Like Cassetta, Di Nenno is building an impressive portfolio of sportsmanship. This is gravitating him towards superstar status in the industry of influencers and exemplars, so there is much value in following him.

Di Nenno is not the usual brand of sportsman with more interest in the game than in other aspects of life. Despite his early involvement with padel, Di Nenno has learned to make something of himself in the social scene. As a result, his interests in investment and wealth creation are firm and deliberate.

He has a massive following on Instagram, so you can check him out @mdinenno. He also recently became an ambassador for Kyrrex, so you’ll get insightful details on his crypto adventures.

6. Samuel Bankman-Fried (SBF)

Samuel Bankman-Fried (SBF)

Samuel Bankman-Fried (SBF for short) is the model young crypto CEO. As the founder and main power behind the crypto exchange platform FTX, SBF has more than enough influence to change the crypto landscape whenever he wants.

Unlike many others with similar crypto status, SBF is all about the industry. In fact, it was his dedication that ultimately inspired him to found FTX, preferring to create a flexible crypto derivatives exchange out of nothing than rely solely on available options, many of which were “crappy” in his not-so-humble opinion.

SBF has an active presence on social media, so it is easy to keep track of his doings. Moreover, he is always keen on sharing what he considers new moves and innovations of the industry. Some of his posts and links have turned out to be cleverly-worded advice that helped some of his followers.

You can follow SBF on Twitter at SBF_FTX to gain a head start on changes that are coming to the crypto-verse. As he is a front-liner, most (if not all) of his shared opinions on these changes are about as important as the changes themselves.

7. Tim Draper

Tim Draper

Tim Draper is the typical American venture capital investor. He has boundless knowledge about every single one of his investments and enough charm to take all of an industry’s investment benefits for himself. However, he has a gregarious personality, so he is as notable for his investment smarts as for his willingness to share juicy opportunities with his followers.

Draper’s foray into the crypto industry is not overly complex. He, like Ver, believed from the start that decentralization and digital assets were the paths that finance in the future must take. Consequently, Draper went to great lengths to invest his money in Bitcoin while other investors of similar grit and experiential grime were hesitating.

Perhaps the best evidence of Draper’s understanding and deep expectation for the crypto industry is when he predicted back in 2014 that Bitcoin would become valued at $10,000 in 2017. And it was so.

Draper continues to invest in crypto projects all the time, but the best thing about all of this is that he is still happy to share his insights with everybody else. So, you can follow his Twitter feed @TimDraper for this scintillating content on crypto prospects and other investment secrets and opportunities.

8. Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert is another pioneer in the crypto world. His interests started with Bitcoin far back in 2012, and his early commandeering activities placed him ahead of his peers and he is never shy about pointing that out.

Silbert is a very well-known crypto influencer, the kind that uses his actions to intimate and intimidate the crypto industry, whether directly or indirectly. It is from following him that many hesitant crypto traders and investors eventually became domineering versions of their past selves, confident that what they know about the dynamics of the industry is enough to ensure that their investment adventures are ridiculously profitable. And they have been.

Researchers generally point to Silbert’s frontier crypto companies, Grayscale Investments and Digital Currency Group, as the biggest evidence of his grand investments in the industry. In truth, these only serve as valves for his corporate persona. His personal investments in the industry have been just as well-thought-out, insightfully organized, and impressively profitable.

Silbert gives incredible advice on crypto investment prospects via his Twitter handle @BarrySilbert. Keep up with him and you will not regret doing so.

9. Altcoin Sara

 Altcoin Sara

There aren’t only male crypto influencers, the women are also holding their own. Altcoin Sara is one name that has reached the lengths and breadth of the crypto industry. This is primarily because the figure behind the name is all about bringing gender inclusiveness to the opportunities to be had from trading and investing in cryptos.

Sara’s initiative, Altcoin Buzz Ladies, is the main thing she is noted for. Even so, she is a brilliant crypto analyst whose knowledge is not limited to applying inclusion principles to the crypto-verse.

So, regardless of your sex or gender, as long as you want detailed content on cryptos, you can check out Sara on Twitter @AltcoinSara.

10. Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden

Without question, Sara is not the only female crypto influencer around. Lyn Alden is another and her focus is more on crypto investments and profitable investments in general than on anything else. Nevertheless, her analytical sessions are highly sought-after due to their accuracy and lack of bias.

Alden’s research firm, Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, is one of the more popular investment companies on the block that has remained relevant over the years. Again, this is because her analysis of investment risks and opportunities is almost always on point.

You can follow Alden on Twitter @LynAlden or on her LinkedIn page.

And that is the end of this compilation of 10 crypto influencers you need to be sticking closely to right now. Be deliberate about following these 10 and you will understand Newton’s comment about being able to see far because he borrowed the shoulders of giants.

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